Monday, September 26, 2011

Just Arrived Raven Kelly's Book Review Of "Midnight Reborn"

Just Arrived Raven Kelly's Book Review Of "Midnight Reborn" ( 5 Bats Out Of 5 )

Rosa Bella is a well known singer from Louisville, Kentucky. So when she starts receiving red roses with notes and gifts from someone, she starts to think that these gifts are from the vampire watcher named Vane. Ever since the night that her best friend Robyn was almost killed by a rogue vampire, she has never been able to stop thinking about the embrace she shared with Vane that faithful night. How wrong Rosa is to think that these roses are from Vane, what she doesn't know, is that these gifts are from a crazy, obsessed, vampire stalker, who wants to have Rosa as his mate. Will Rosa figure out that Vane is not sending her these roses, or will she fall victim to a rogue vampire?

Vane is known as the Rico Suave of vampire watchers. He has had his share of ladies, but ever since he held Rosa Bella in his arms the night her friend Robyn was almost killed, he has not been able to stop thinking about the beautiful Rosa. He decides that he must see her, and asks Rosa out on a date. Everything is going perfect on his date up until four Rogues corner Vane and Rosa in a back ally corner. Vane manages to kill the rogue vampires, but notices that Rosa is visibly shaken from seeing him kill their attackers. Is this end of Vane's chances of capturing Rosa's heart? Will this be the last date that he has with Rosa, or will she be too shaken up to be around Vane in fear that other rogues will try and attack, or possibly kill him?

Midnight Rose is a romantic love story of a player vampire who falls in love with a beautiful singer. This book will touch all of the warm fuzzies in your heart. I loved this book, and was not able to put it down. I have read the first book in the Watcher's series by Diane McEntire, and I loved it as well. This series is fast becoming one of my favorite vampire series. Great Job Diane, and I can't wait to read the third installment to this series.

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