Monday, June 27, 2011 Interview with Paranormal Fantasy Author A.P. Fuchs Interview with Paranormal Fantasy Author A.P. Fuchs

Q: When did you first realize that you wanted to be a writer, and What was it that inspired you to start writing?

A: A few things, the situation with the art school being a big part of it.

I need to create. Period. I start going crazy if I don’t. So, at the time, if creating comics and art wasn’t going to be my avenue of getting my ideas out, then I decided on writing as I enjoyed writing comics for the boys in class.

I dove into horror pretty much straight away, one of the main reasons being I was in a pretty dark place at the time, emotionally a wreck, and pretty angry. The horror genre seemed a real good place to express what was going on on the inside, albeit through fiction.

Thursday, June 23, 2011 Book Review Of "Come Hell or High Water" by Michele Bardsley Book Review Of "Come Hell or High Water" by Michele Bardsley (5 Bats Out Of 5)

Phoebe Allen has the the worse luck with falling in love. She thought she found her true love being married to a human, but that soon failed. She has everything she needs, or so she thought, until she hires a sexy Scottish cook for her restaurant. One evening, she decides, out of no where, to invite him home for a little hanky panky and ends up mating with him. He tells her after, that she has just committed a mating ritual to a half demon. -Say WHAT??

Now, in a strange twist of fate, Phoebe finds herself married to a demon named Connor, who happened to be of the same demon kind that she kills for living! Did I mention that she "has the the worse luck with falling in love?"

How can she live with Connor and be happy when he tricked her into mating with him? If that's not bad enough, she finds out that her son is in danger while in Disney Land with his human father. Oh wait, it gets better.. Phoebe also soon finds out that she is the last female vampire of her kind, and is being hunted by a crazy goddess named Lilith, who just happens to be her demon husbands stepmother! Phoebe's life has turned completely upside down. Poor Phoebe. Will things finally look up for her, and will she accept Connor for what he really is, even if he is a demon?

I have wanted to read Michele Bardsley books for quite sometime now, and I finally got the opportunity. Right from the first page I was hooked. It wasn't but a few pages in that I knew that this was going to be an awesome book. I absolutely loved the humor in the book, I laughed all the way through it. I also loved the character Phoebe, she lights up the pages with her sarcasm. Fantastic is I all I can say about this book, I loved every minute of it and I can't wait to read another book of Michele Bardsley.

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Monday, June 20, 2011

My Interview with Paranormal Romance Author Jocelyn Modo

My Interview with Paranormal Romance Author Jocelyn Modo

Q: Do you have any role models? Have there been any other writers that have inspired you?

A: Betsy Gallup and Marty Verlander were there at the beginning of my journey when I found the courage to pursue my dream. They taught me so much and will always hold a special place in my heart.

Saturday, June 18, 2011 Book Review Of Captured by the Highlander (Coming Soon)


Lady Amelia Templeton would rather die than surrender to a man like Duncan MacLean. He is the fiercest warrior of his clan—her people’s sworn enemy—and tonight he is standing over her bed. Eyes blazing, muscles taut, and battle axe gleaming, MacLean has come to kill Amelia’s fiancĂ©. But once he sees the lovely, innocent Amelia, he decides to take her instead…


Stealing the young bride-to-be is the perfect revenge against the man who murdered Duncan’s one true love. But Lady Amelia turns out to be more than a pawn of vengeance and war. This brave, beautiful woman touches something deep in Duncan’s soul that is even more powerful than a warrior’s fury. But when Amelia begins to fall in love with her captor—and surrenders in his arms—the real battle begins…

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Wednesday, June 15, 2011 Book Review Of "Come Hell or High Water" (Coming Soon) Book Review Of "Come Hell or High Water" (Coming Soon)

Everybody makes mistakes-and my first one was named Connor, a heart- stealing Scottish hottie. I thought our night together was the beautiful beginning to a love story, which turned out to be my second mistake. I, Phoebe Allen, lifelong Broken Heart resident and vampire, am now mated to a half-demon.

Thankfully Phoebe's four-year-old son Danny is safely away at Disney world with his human father. Because Phoebe's right in the middle of major paranormal drama, helping Connor and his rag-tag group of friends retrieve part of an ancient talisman in order to ward off Connor's vicious stepmother, an uber-demon named Lilith. Phoebe swears she isn't falling for any of Connor's demon charm. But still, he's willing to do anything to protect her and prevent demons from storming into Broken Heart. And her unread heart can't resist a bad boy with identity issues...

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Monday, June 13, 2011 Book Review Of "Highland Vampire" Book Review Of "Highland Vampire" ( 2 Hearts Out Of 5)

Natasha Desmond has just inherited her Aunt's money and pharmaceutical business. The only problem with the inheritance is that her crazy step brother is not happy with it. He is trying to make Natasha look like she is crazy. His hope is to have Natasha admitted to the nut house. After learning of the plot, Natasha flees to Scotland in hopes of evading her step brother. While in Scotland, Natasha decides to stay a couple of nights at Castle Kilburn that is allegedly haunted by a vampire.

Garret Kilburn is the owner Kilburn Castle, and knows that the castle is haunted by a vampire. When Natasha arrives at the castle, Garret is taken back by her beauty. When Natasha starts being seduced by the vampire, Garret realizes that he must protect her from the vampire, and also try and protect her from her crazy stepbrother as well.

Unfortunately this book didn’t work for me. I found that there was no engaging story line, or personal attachment built to the characters in this book. It was just a whole lot of sex, with not a lot to tie things together. I would like to have learned more about who this vampire was, and why he is killing people and living at Kilburn Castle. I also would have liked to have learned more about Natasha. I don't recommend this book.

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My Interview with Paranormal Fantasy Author Karen Dales!

My Interview with Paranormal Fantasy Author Karen Dales

Q: How many books have you written? Do you have a favorite?

A: I've written three so far, all in The Chosen Chronicles. They are all my babies and because of that I really can't choose as to which is my favourite. I love them each for their differences and their similarities.

Friday, June 10, 2011 Book Review Of "Highland Vampire" (Coming Soon)

I had fled as fast and as far as I could. I could run no farther than to the edge of the world, here at the northwestern corner of Scotland.

The gloaming was deep upon the land when I found Kilburn Castle. Isn’t that what Scots called it, the gloaming? That mysterious time between day and night, when blue dusk dims the sky and magical beings wander forth.

I let my little rented Vauxhall roll to a stop and considered the broody hulk of a castle high on a hill above the sea, silhouetted against the deepening night. The crash of the waves against the cliff was interrupted by a car roaring out of the fortress’s gate. It sped past me, almost clipping my bumper in its haste, and raced down the hill, its headlights switching on as it traversed a curve in the narrow road.

Darkness fell, and I shivered theatrically. A light winked on in a small stone gatehouse a few yards from me. It illuminated a sign written in neat script, thick black on white.

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Thursday, June 9, 2011 Book Review Of "No Mercy" by Sherrilyn Kenyon Book Review Of  "No Mercy" by Sherrilyn Kenyon (5 Bats Out Of 5)

Dev Peltier is an awesome Were-Hunter. He has as never let his guard down, or anyone to penetrate his heart for that matter. That is, until a Dark-Hunter named Sami rides up on her bike and stops Dev in his tracks. Just one look and Dev falls head over heels for Sami. How will Dev keep Sami out of his mind, and his sexual urges under control? Can he focus on what matters, or will he let his heart cloud his mind? There is also something very evil is lurking on the horizon that will test Dev's ability to survive, and test his heart at the same time.

I loved the humor in this book, I could not get enough of it. Sherrilyn sure knows how to write a good book with lots of packed action and great sarcasm and banter. “No Mercy” did not lack once, I was hooked right from the beginning and had hard time putting this book down. I keep wanting to read more about Dev and Sami. Great book with loads of excitement and humor.

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Tuesday, June 7, 2011

My Interview with Paranormal Romance Author Amanda J. Greene

My Interview with Paranormal Romance Author Amanda J. Greene

Q: When you're not writing, what do you like to do for fun?

A: I love to read when I am not writing. Shocking! I also come from a very close family with Italian roots, so when I have any spare time I spend it with them.

Saturday, June 4, 2011 Book Review Of "Highland Master"! Book Review Of "Highland Master" (4 Hearts Out Of 5)

Fin of the Battles and Lady Catriona are two unlikely lovers. Fin is a "Cameron" and Catriona is a "Mackintosh." Both families are rival enemies. When Catriona brings and injured Fin to her grand dad's castle, she is surprised to learn that Fin is an enemy of the family. Even though she now knows this, she still can't seem to put Fin out of her mind. Catriona also learns that her brother Ivor and Fin know each other and happen to be very good friends.

Will the Camerons and Mackintoshes come together and unite with war looming on the horizon, or will the war begin closer to home? Fin and Catriona can only hope that their marriage will be accepted by both families and that peace will come between the families.

I really enjoyed reading “Highland Master.” This is the first book of Amanda Scott's book that I have read. “Highland Master” is sensual delight that was a real joy to read. I love how Amanda wrote in the relationship between Boreas, the wolf dog, and the grey kitten. Their relationship is very similar Catriona and Fin's relationship. I look forward to reading the next book in this wonderful series.

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Wednesday, June 1, 2011 Book Review Of "No Mercy" (Coming Soon!)

After texting the other Dark-Hunters in New Orleans about what was going on, Sam spent the next eight hours on patrol while keeping in touch intermittently with Chi. Neither of them found anything unusual. Not a single Daimon seemed to be out tonight. The only predators on the street were human and while Sam had chased the ones away she found, they weren’t the biggest threat in the world.
They just thought they were.

How she’d like to feed them to some of the things she’d killed over the centuries. Let them see what badass really looked like. They had no idea how insignificant and weak they really were. A dose of reality might serve them well.

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