Thursday, May 31, 2012

Sneak Peek of Dakota Cassidy New Book "Accidentally Dead, Again"

Sneak Peek of Dakota Cassidy New Book
"Accidentally Dead, Again"

He was just looking for a night of fun.

After a wild work-sponsored Halloween party, entomologist Sam McLean wakes up with a spotty memory—and a pointy set of fangs. Sam’s one-night stand wasn’t just dressed as a vampire; she had the bite to match. Somehow, Sam ends up at the OOPS office, where paranormal crisis counselors Nina, Marty and Wanda give him the down-low on accidentally becoming a creature of the night.

What he got was an eternity of trouble.

Sam is speeding through the stages of newbie grief, until a woman named Phoebe Reynolds bursts onto the scene claiming to be Nina’s sister—resulting in a catfight that ends with Phoebe’s luscious behind in the direct path of Sam’s fangs. Now, the OOPS girls have two fledgling vamps on their hands, and their powers—and the attraction building between them—are unlike anything they’ve seen before…...

- Title: "Accidentally Dead, Again"
- Author: Dakota Cassidy
- Release Date: (June 5, 2012)
- Mass Market Paperback: 352 pages
- Publisher: Berkley
- Language: English
- ISBN-10: 0425247511
- ISBN-13: 978-0425247518

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Tuesday, May 29, 2012

(Coming Soon) Jenna Maclaine “Grave Sins” Review By

(Coming Soon) Jenna Maclaine “Grave Sins”
Review By

With Michael by her side, Cin’s latest mission brings her face-to-face with Marrakesh, a beautiful, half-mad vampire queen charged with slaughtering humans. If she’s found guilty, Marrakesh will pay with her life. But Cin is convinced that someone- or something- far more ruthless is trying to steal the queen’s throne. It’s a mission that will pit Michael and Cin against each other for the first time, awakening their darkest instincts and testing their love like never before.

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Thursday, May 24, 2012

Mertianna Georgia-“Syn In The City” Review By

Mertianna Georgia-“Syn In The City” Review By

5 Lips Out Of 5

Cara Austine just wanted to celebrate her 21st birthday with her cousin Evika with a nice night out on the town. What Cara got was more that she wanted for her birthday. Cara ends up waking up in some strange man's bed wearing one heck of a diamond ring on her finger. Cara thinks to herself, well atleast the man has good taste in jewelry.

Cara has no memory of this man or how she ended up with a diamond ring on her hand. She also has no idea where her cousin Evika is. Cara starts wondering if her cousin made it home alright, or did she go home with some hunky man? Care is about to learn the truth when she finds out that she is now bound to a nightkind and her cousin has just been kidnapped by some demon. Cara now must try and rescue her cousin and figure how to she going to unbind herself from this nightkind name Roman, who is very yummylious.

Cara has no idea that she is the one being hunted by the demon who kidnapped her cousin. She now has to leave San Fran and stay with her Aunt Amelia in hopes of detouring the demon from finding her. You would think that is a smart idea of detouring the demon and staying with Aunt Amelia, except that Cara ends up getting herself into more trouble. Cara ends binding herself to a hunky werewolf named Tom as her familiar, and that is a big no no when it comes to Witches. Cara also has seemed to bind herself to a Wizard named Paul. It would seem like Cara is some kind of guy magnet and she can't seem to stop attracting men towards her. What Cara doesn't know is that she is now coming into her Witch powers, and because of that, she is binding herself to men and using their powers to strengthen her own. Cara is a one-of-a-kind magical being called a Synemancer, that uses other magical beings powers. Her powers are going to be tested when she ultimately will have to save humanity and all magical beings alike against a powerful demon named Aztec. Will Cara save everyone including her cousin, or she die saving humanity and her loved ones from harms way?

Powerful, sizzling and enthralling is “Syn In the City”. Get ready to be captivated from page one to the very last page with this magnificent novel by Mertianna Georgia. This is Mertianna Georgia's debut novel in her “Synmancer Seres” and it rocked. I loved every page of this book and I guarantee you will as well. This book is an all nite reader, you simply will not be able to put it down. A must read for all Paranormal Romance lovers out there.

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Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Sneak Peek of Amanda Ashely New Book "His Dark Embrace"

Sneak Peek of Amanda Ashely New Book
"His Dark Embrace"

Tall, dark, mysterious—and with a faint scar on his cheek that only makes him more gorgeous—Kaiden Thorne is one schoolgirl obsession Skylynn never forgot. Now, returning to her childhood home after eight years, she can’t believe her reclusive neighbor is still living across the street—and hotter than ever. Skylynn doesn’t know how Kaiden manages to stay so young, virile, and impossibly attractive. But she knows she wants him…even if he harbors a fearful secret he refuses to tell her.

When Kaiden sees the beautiful young woman Skylynn has become, he can no longer control the bloodlust that is his true nature. Once he pulls Skylynn into his arms, presses his lips against hers—and accidentally draws blood—he longs for more. Only she possesses what he wants and what he needs. Only she can save him or destroy him. But once Skylynn agrees to help Kaiden battle his darkest desires, there is no turning back…

- Title: "His Dark Embrace"
- Author: Amanda Ashely
- Release Date: (May 29, 2012)
- Mass Market Paperback: 320 pages
- Publisher: Zebra
- Language: English
- ISBN-10: 1420121332
- ISBN-13: 978-1420121339

Tuesday, May 22, 2012

(Coming Soon) Mertianna Georgia-“Syn In The City” Review By

(Coming Soon) Mertianna Georgia-“Syn In The City”
Review By

She was born a witch with no powers…

Cara Augustine came from a long line of powerful witches, so it was a huge disappointment when her family discovered she might as well have been a human. One of three cousins born on the same day, her cousins Evika and Sonya were also her best friends.

On their twenty-first birthdays, Evika convinces Cara to go to the City, San Francisco, to celebrate. Suddenly, Cara’s power decides to manifest, spinning her safe, predictable life wildly out of control. Not only does she have powers, but also they are the rarest of abilities. She is a Synemancer, a witch who can draw energy from other magical beings and weave them into an essence of immense power. And, it seems, her power has a mind of its own as it attracts supernatural men to bond with Cara so it can grow in strength.

Roman Balthazar is tall, dark, and dangerous in ways only a Nightkind magician can be. Nightkinds are vampire-like beings who came to earth from another dimension. When he discovers Cara, he decides they were meant to be together. Forever.

Tom is a handsome, blond, surfer dude, and a werewolf. He thinks Cara is hot, but finds an innocent flirtation turns into a lifetime bond when he accidentally becomes her familiar.

Paul meets Cara on an airplane ride. Luckily for everyone on board, he’s one of the few wizards who can be around modern machinery and not cause it to malfunction. He’s immediately drawn to Cara and tries to help her control her new found abilities.

All this would have been hard enough to handle, but Cara discovers not only has Evika been missing since their fateful birthday night out-on-the-town, but also suddenly deadly, animalistic, sub-demons are trying to kill her. Someone has awakened an ancient Aztec demon-god who wants to bring back the good old days of human sacrifice, and only the power of a Synemancer can stop it. In a race against time, Cara has to learn to control her power, find her cousin, and stop the Aztec demon. Will she be able to do it all, or will she lose everything and everybody she loves in trying?

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Saturday, May 19, 2012

Sneak Peek of Olivia Drake's New Book "If the Slipper Fits”

Raised in a girls’ school, Annabelle Quinn longs for the world outside the walls of the academy. When she’s hired as the governess to an orphaned duke, Annabelle never expects the child’s breathtakingly handsome guardian to capture her imagination—or her heart.

Falling for his young nephew’s governess is an irksome complication in Lord Simon Westbury’s orderly life, but Annabelle’s quiet beauty and wry intellect are too much to resist. Meanwhile, a mysterious danger looms over the remote Cornwall estate. Will their new found desire stand the test of time? Or are some happy endings just too good to come true?

- Title: "If the Slipper Fits"
- Author: Olivia Drake
- Release Date: (May 22, 2012)
- Mass Market Paperback: 352 pages
- Publisher: St. Martin's Paperbacks
- Language: English
- ISBN-10: 1250001773
- ISBN-13: 978-12500017717

Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Sneak Peek of Larissa Ione New Book "Lethal Rider”

Thanatos, the most deadly Horseman of the Apocalypse, has endured thousands of years of celibacy to prevent the end of days. But just one night with the wickedly sexy Aegis Guardian, Regan Cooper, shatters centuries of resolve. Yet their passion comes with a price. And Thanatos must face a truth more terrifying than an apocalypse-he's about to become a father.

Demon-slayer Regan Cooper never imagined herself the maternal type, but with the fate of the world hanging in the balance she had no choice but to seduce Thanatos and bear his child. Now, as the final battle draws closer and his rage at being betrayed is overshadowed by an undeniable passion for the mother of his child, Thanatos has a life-shattering realization: To save the world, he must sacrifice the only thing he's ever wanted-a family.

- Title: "Lethal Rider"
- Author: Larissa Ione
- Release Date: (May 29, 2012)
- Mass Market Paperback: 400 pages
- Publisher: Grand Central Publishing
- Language: English
- ISBN-10: 0446574503
- ISBN-13: 978-0446574501

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Sunday, May 13, 2012

Re-posting Older Book Review Of "Blood of a Werewolf" by T. Lynne Tolles

Re-posting Older Book Review Of "Blood of a
Werewolf" by T. Lynne Tolles

Darby and Rowan O'Rielly are sister witches from a long line of ancestral witches. They both are very powerful, but do not yet know how to wield their powers. Soon they will learn when Rowan is kidnapped and injected with werewolf serum. Darby must do everything in her power to rescue her sister from harms way. Lucky for Darby and Rowan that both of their very gorgeous boyfriends are very powerful vampires, and are both are aiding Darby in catching Rowan's kidnappers. Will they be able to save Rowan before she turns into a werewolf from the injected with werewolf serum, or will they be too late to save her from possible death?

Vampire and Witch unite together in this action packed book full of twists and turns that will have your heart beating non stop with excitement. This book had me smiling all the way through it. Wonderfully written, and the romance and excitement is blended perfectly in this great book.

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Thursday, May 10, 2012

Julianne Maclean- “Claimed By The Highlander” Reviewed By

Julianne Maclean- “Claimed By The Highlander”
Reviewed By

5 Hearts Out Of 5

Angus “The Lion” MacDonald is known for his skill with a sword and his ability to kill anyone who poses a threat to him. What Angus MacDonald is not known for, is how to love women, or how to show compassion. That is all about to change when Angus storms his enemies castle, The MacEwen's, and takes back what rightfully belongs to his clan. When Angus thinks no one will challenge him, and that he has officially taken back his fathers castle, out pops Lady Gwendolen MacEwen. Lady Gwendolen MacEwen confronts Angus with her tiny blade and stands up to him. She threatens Angus for trying to take her father's castle from her. Lady Gwendolen MacEwen thinks that she may have a chance to try and save her father's clan from harm by negotiating with the Lion, but soon learns that not even a women can withstand the power of the great Angus “The Lion” MacDonald. Angus immediately claims Gwendolen as his wife and laird of her father's castle. Can Gwendolen withstand Angus's beauty, charm, power, and stop her body from reacting to his kisses? Will Angus be able to control his emotions and sexual urges towards Gwendolen and try and look at his soon to be wife as a only political move? Can these two enemies unite in peace and finally put an end to the hatred towards each other's clans?

Book Two in The Highlander Trilogy by Julianne Maclean will draw you in from the first page. You will want to hate Angus “The Lion” MacDonald for what he did to Gwendolen and her clan, but you will feel sorry for him and all his suffering that he has endured, I know I did. I also had trouble putting this book down and turning out my night light, and trying to get some sleep. Love, Anger, Compassion, Deceit and deep rooted memories will be brought up to the surface in “Claimed By The Highlander” by Julianne Maclean. This is book you will want to keep on your "to re-read" shelf. Please check out this wonderfully written trilogy and fellow Canadian author. It is just fantastic!

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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

(Coming Soon) Julianne Maclean- “Claimed By The Highlander” Reviewed By

(Coming Soon) Julianne Maclean- “Claimed By The
Highlander” Reviewed By


With his tawny mane, battle-hewn brawn, and ferocious roar, Angus “The Lion” MacDonald is the most fearsome warrior Lady Gwendolen has ever seen—and she is his most glorious conquest. Captured in a surprise attack on her father’s castle, Gwendolen is now forced to share her bed with the man who defeated her clan. But, in spite of Angus’s overpowering charms, she refuses to surrender her innocence without a fight…


With her stunning beauty, bold defiance, and brazen smile, Gwendolen is the most infuriating woman Angus has ever known—and the most intoxicating. Forcing her to become his bride will unite their two clans as one. But conquering Gwendolen’s heart will take all his skills as a lover. Night after night, his touch sets her on fire. Kiss after kiss, his hunger fuels her passion. But, as Gwendolen’s body betrays her growing love for Angus, a secret enemy plots to betray them both…

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Sunday, May 6, 2012

Re-posting Older Book Review Of "Blood Dance" by J.L. Oiler

Re-posting Older Book Review Of
"Blood Dance" by J.L. Oiler

Blood Dace is AWESOME!! A must read! I loved this book so much, I had trouble putting it down. My favorite part of Mrs. Oilers book is her portrayal of the character Ares. I love Ares, she is one sassy, sexy, hard headed, kick ass vampire huntress, and the oldest of 12 sisters. If you like action packed, exciting sex with lots hunky vampires thrown in, then “Blood Dance is the book for you. I loved your book J.L and I can't wait for your second book in this amazing series

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Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sneak Peek of Shirley Kennedy's New Book “The Last of Lady Lansdown”

In the dawn of the Regency era in Northern England, precious few mourn the sudden and shocking passing of the Earl of Lansdown. Certainly not Jane Elton, the young and beautiful widow whose life he made a misery. After her initial relief, Jane must contend with an unexpected and devastating reality: because she is childless, she and her family must descend several rungs down the social ladder. One hope remains. Could she be pregnant? A son would inherit; otherwise the title and estate will go to the Earl's slightly younger twin brother, his greedy wife, and many unpleasant offspring. Jane must also contend with the unrealistic hopes of her bitter and ambitious mother and dowerless sister. Enter Douglas Cartland, a notorious rake with a tragic past. During these first months of widowhood, Jane's conduct must be above reproach, but she cannot keep her distance. Especially when Cartland contrives to turn up everywhere she looks. Is Cartland really the scoundrel everyone believes him to be? Will Jane forfeit her title, her family's fortunes and her reputation for the sake of forbidden desire? Fate--and Cartland--have many surprises in store.

- Title: "The Last of Lady Lansdown"
- Author: Shirley Kennedy
- Release Date: (May 6, 2012)
- Mass Market Paperback: 308 pages
- Publisher: Camel Press
- Language: English
- IISBN-10: 1603818189
- ISBN-13: 978-1603818186

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

H.P. Mallory “Witchful Thinking” Review By

H.P. Mallory “Witchful Thinking” Review By

4 Lips Out Of 5

Jolie has been sent back in time to a place where she first met her lover, Rand. While there, she also meets Mercedes, the Priestess of all "beings of magic." Jolie has the power to reanimate anyone who has died, and she has just used that power to bring back the Priestess of magical beings. Everyone thinks that Jolie really died that day on the battlefield, but they really have no idea that the Priestess has brought her back to be the Queen of the Underworld, to rule every being that is magical. The last thing that Jolie wants, is to be ruler of the Underworld and have her life turned upside down more than it already has been. Jolie still has her to deal with with her lover Rand, and now her vampire guy friend "let's just be friends" Singin, who has it really bad for her. Jolie just wants to be good friends with him, nothing more. Her warlock lover Rand does not want her to be Queen and he does not support the Monarchy, never has. Jolie knows that she does not have Rand's support for becoming Queen, but Mercedes keeps telling her that its her destiny.

Jolie Wilkins will need to put on her big girl panties and suck it up, accept that she is now Queen, and start acting like a Queen. She has no idea what awaits her as ruler of the Underworld. She must re-animate her legion of warriors because there are half human, half vampire Lurkers who are now on a killing spree, killing all Underworld beings. Will Jolie Wilkins be able to stop the Lurkers from killing underworld beings? Will she be able to convince Rand that she will be a different and fair Queen? Will Rand stand by her side, or will she have to accept that they are done once and for all?

Witty and Charming is “Witchful Thinking”. Jolie Wilkins lights up the pages with her witty attitude and will have you cheering her on as she becomes Queen of the Underworld. Readers will love how H.P. Mallory incorporated just the right amount of drama and charm in “Witchful Thinking.”

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