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Mertianna Georgia-“Syn In The City” Review By

Mertianna Georgia-“Syn In The City” Review By

5 Lips Out Of 5

Cara Austine just wanted to celebrate her 21st birthday with her cousin Evika with a nice night out on the town. What Cara got was more that she wanted for her birthday. Cara ends up waking up in some strange man's bed wearing one heck of a diamond ring on her finger. Cara thinks to herself, well atleast the man has good taste in jewelry.

Cara has no memory of this man or how she ended up with a diamond ring on her hand. She also has no idea where her cousin Evika is. Cara starts wondering if her cousin made it home alright, or did she go home with some hunky man? Care is about to learn the truth when she finds out that she is now bound to a nightkind and her cousin has just been kidnapped by some demon. Cara now must try and rescue her cousin and figure how to she going to unbind herself from this nightkind name Roman, who is very yummylious.

Cara has no idea that she is the one being hunted by the demon who kidnapped her cousin. She now has to leave San Fran and stay with her Aunt Amelia in hopes of detouring the demon from finding her. You would think that is a smart idea of detouring the demon and staying with Aunt Amelia, except that Cara ends up getting herself into more trouble. Cara ends binding herself to a hunky werewolf named Tom as her familiar, and that is a big no no when it comes to Witches. Cara also has seemed to bind herself to a Wizard named Paul. It would seem like Cara is some kind of guy magnet and she can't seem to stop attracting men towards her. What Cara doesn't know is that she is now coming into her Witch powers, and because of that, she is binding herself to men and using their powers to strengthen her own. Cara is a one-of-a-kind magical being called a Synemancer, that uses other magical beings powers. Her powers are going to be tested when she ultimately will have to save humanity and all magical beings alike against a powerful demon named Aztec. Will Cara save everyone including her cousin, or she die saving humanity and her loved ones from harms way?

Powerful, sizzling and enthralling is “Syn In the City”. Get ready to be captivated from page one to the very last page with this magnificent novel by Mertianna Georgia. This is Mertianna Georgia's debut novel in her “Synmancer Seres” and it rocked. I loved every page of this book and I guarantee you will as well. This book is an all nite reader, you simply will not be able to put it down. A must read for all Paranormal Romance lovers out there.

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