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(Coming Soon) Mertianna Georgia-“Syn In The City” Review By ParanormalRomance.ca

(Coming Soon) Mertianna Georgia-“Syn In The City”
Review By ParanormalRomance.ca

She was born a witch with no powers…

Cara Augustine came from a long line of powerful witches, so it was a huge disappointment when her family discovered she might as well have been a human. One of three cousins born on the same day, her cousins Evika and Sonya were also her best friends.

On their twenty-first birthdays, Evika convinces Cara to go to the City, San Francisco, to celebrate. Suddenly, Cara’s power decides to manifest, spinning her safe, predictable life wildly out of control. Not only does she have powers, but also they are the rarest of abilities. She is a Synemancer, a witch who can draw energy from other magical beings and weave them into an essence of immense power. And, it seems, her power has a mind of its own as it attracts supernatural men to bond with Cara so it can grow in strength.

Roman Balthazar is tall, dark, and dangerous in ways only a Nightkind magician can be. Nightkinds are vampire-like beings who came to earth from another dimension. When he discovers Cara, he decides they were meant to be together. Forever.

Tom is a handsome, blond, surfer dude, and a werewolf. He thinks Cara is hot, but finds an innocent flirtation turns into a lifetime bond when he accidentally becomes her familiar.

Paul meets Cara on an airplane ride. Luckily for everyone on board, he’s one of the few wizards who can be around modern machinery and not cause it to malfunction. He’s immediately drawn to Cara and tries to help her control her new found abilities.

All this would have been hard enough to handle, but Cara discovers not only has Evika been missing since their fateful birthday night out-on-the-town, but also suddenly deadly, animalistic, sub-demons are trying to kill her. Someone has awakened an ancient Aztec demon-god who wants to bring back the good old days of human sacrifice, and only the power of a Synemancer can stop it. In a race against time, Cara has to learn to control her power, find her cousin, and stop the Aztec demon. Will she be able to do it all, or will she lose everything and everybody she loves in trying?

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