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Julianne Maclean- “Claimed By The Highlander” Reviewed By

Julianne Maclean- “Claimed By The Highlander”
Reviewed By

5 Hearts Out Of 5

Angus “The Lion” MacDonald is known for his skill with a sword and his ability to kill anyone who poses a threat to him. What Angus MacDonald is not known for, is how to love women, or how to show compassion. That is all about to change when Angus storms his enemies castle, The MacEwen's, and takes back what rightfully belongs to his clan. When Angus thinks no one will challenge him, and that he has officially taken back his fathers castle, out pops Lady Gwendolen MacEwen. Lady Gwendolen MacEwen confronts Angus with her tiny blade and stands up to him. She threatens Angus for trying to take her father's castle from her. Lady Gwendolen MacEwen thinks that she may have a chance to try and save her father's clan from harm by negotiating with the Lion, but soon learns that not even a women can withstand the power of the great Angus “The Lion” MacDonald. Angus immediately claims Gwendolen as his wife and laird of her father's castle. Can Gwendolen withstand Angus's beauty, charm, power, and stop her body from reacting to his kisses? Will Angus be able to control his emotions and sexual urges towards Gwendolen and try and look at his soon to be wife as a only political move? Can these two enemies unite in peace and finally put an end to the hatred towards each other's clans?

Book Two in The Highlander Trilogy by Julianne Maclean will draw you in from the first page. You will want to hate Angus “The Lion” MacDonald for what he did to Gwendolen and her clan, but you will feel sorry for him and all his suffering that he has endured, I know I did. I also had trouble putting this book down and turning out my night light, and trying to get some sleep. Love, Anger, Compassion, Deceit and deep rooted memories will be brought up to the surface in “Claimed By The Highlander” by Julianne Maclean. This is book you will want to keep on your "to re-read" shelf. Please check out this wonderfully written trilogy and fellow Canadian author. It is just fantastic!

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