Thursday, May 3, 2012

Sneak Peek of Shirley Kennedy's New Book “The Last of Lady Lansdown”

In the dawn of the Regency era in Northern England, precious few mourn the sudden and shocking passing of the Earl of Lansdown. Certainly not Jane Elton, the young and beautiful widow whose life he made a misery. After her initial relief, Jane must contend with an unexpected and devastating reality: because she is childless, she and her family must descend several rungs down the social ladder. One hope remains. Could she be pregnant? A son would inherit; otherwise the title and estate will go to the Earl's slightly younger twin brother, his greedy wife, and many unpleasant offspring. Jane must also contend with the unrealistic hopes of her bitter and ambitious mother and dowerless sister. Enter Douglas Cartland, a notorious rake with a tragic past. During these first months of widowhood, Jane's conduct must be above reproach, but she cannot keep her distance. Especially when Cartland contrives to turn up everywhere she looks. Is Cartland really the scoundrel everyone believes him to be? Will Jane forfeit her title, her family's fortunes and her reputation for the sake of forbidden desire? Fate--and Cartland--have many surprises in store.

- Title: "The Last of Lady Lansdown"
- Author: Shirley Kennedy
- Release Date: (May 6, 2012)
- Mass Market Paperback: 308 pages
- Publisher: Camel Press
- Language: English
- IISBN-10: 1603818189
- ISBN-13: 978-1603818186

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