Friday, December 30, 2011

Maryjanice Davidson "Undead And Unfinished" Review By Raven Kelly (Coming Soon!)

Maryjanice Davidson "Undead And Unfinished" Review By Raven Kelly (Coming Soon!)

MaryJanice Davidson once again proves that her humorous New York Times best-selling Undead series is unlike any other. In Undead and Unfinished, the ninth novel featuring the adventures of Vampire Queen Betsy Taylor, Betsy strikes up a deal with the devil. Now, Betsy has the ability to read the Book of the Dead without going insane and she finally gets the chance to discover all the dark mysteries it holds. When a visit to Hell turns into a time traveling journey filled with risky encounters, Betsy gets more than she bargained for. As she interacts firsthand with her past generations, Betsy’s meddling will impact the future in ways she does not yet understand. 

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Delilah Marvelle “Prelude To A Scandal” Review By Lady Victoria

Delilah Marvelle “Prelude To A Scandal”
Review By Lady Victoria

5 Hearts Out Of 5

Justine Marwood is willing to sacrifice everything including her name and reputation in deciding to marry London's most notorious Duke. In exchange for her hand in marriage, the Duke of Bradford has agreed to help Justine get her father released from jail. Justine has no idea that Duke of Bradford is a sex addict. He just can not get enough. She will also learn, once they are married, how Bradford received the scar on his face that faithful night. To give you a hint, it involved the seduction of his brother's mistress and I'll leave the rest of the sordid tale for you to discover.

Will Justine accept Bradford for who he really is? Will she think that he is no longer after his brother's mistress? Will he be devoted to her once they are finally married? Find out what happens in this exciting novel of Delilah Marvelle's.

“Prelude To A Scandal” is a flirtatious and humorous read full of non-stop twists and turns. I enjoyed this book from the very first page to the very last page of the book. This is book one of Delilah Marvelle's Scandal Series, and so far I really like what I have read. I hope that the next book is just as good. Thank you Delilah for sending me your book to review, I very much enjoyed it.

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Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Michelle Picard "Surviving Eden" Review By Raven Kelly

Michelle Picard "Surviving Eden" Review By Raven Kelly

5 Lips Out Of 5

This book is the sequel to “Ruling Eden.” Michelle Picard's latest book “Surviving Eden” starts out where “Ruling Eden” left off. Mother Heir Rachel Rieh has her work cut out for her now that she has accepted being the ruler of the Keysayim. She now has her first challenge as Mother Heir and that is to save the vampire race from being killed by rogue hunters. She must try to unite all the Keysayim, and convince them to help the vampires kill the rogue hunters before they kill off the vampire race. If that is the least of her problems, she is now being confronted by the goddess Lilith who is driving Rachel nuts by telling her she is not doing enough to save human kind. Lilith is also casting spells on Rachel turning her into a cold hearted bitch to boot. No wonder Rachel is doubting herself as Mother Heir to Eden. Will Rachel be able to unite the Keysayim together in time to save the vampire race from being destroyed, or will the vampire race become instinct? Find out what happens in this wonderful tale of vampires, faeries, shapeshifters, demons, angels, witches, dragons, and one crazy goddess in Michelle Picard's book “Surviving Eden”. Reviewed By- Raven Kelly-

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Delilah Marvelle “Prelude To A Scandal” Review By Lady Victoria (Coming Soon!)

Lady Justine is willing to trade her good name, her reputation and her place in London's gossip-hungry ton to secure her father's release from prison. But when the notorious Duke of Bradford counters her offer with a proposal of marriage, the stakes grow higher still. For while the smoldering lord is famous for his conquests, the man is oblivious to both her devotion and her charms. And Justine is soon afraid she has wagered all for naught.

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Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Michelle Picard "Surviving Eden" Review By Raven Kelly (Coming Soon!)

Rachel Rieh wields enough magic to make a goddess jealous, or so she learned three weeks ago when she thought she was an ordinary, reclusive, and short-tempered gal from Boston. In this second story of Eden's Court, Rachel, now the new ruler of the Kesayim, (angels, demons, dragons, faeries, vampires, shapeshifters and witches the goddess-created protectors of mortalkind) finds herself faced with the task of stopping vampire hunters from annihilating the vampire race. Her lover, Gabriel, half-angel, half-demon, stands by her side to help if she can escape her obsession with protecting him at all cost. 

Earth is already on the verge of destruction within six months because magic is out of balance. The new threat to the vampires destabilizes the situation more. In her race to save the vampires, Rachel meets Lillith, goddess, creator of all Kesayim and humans, and the one with all the answers to Rachel's problems. But is the cold-hearted goddess intent on changing Rachel into her image the greater threat to Rachel and everyone she loves? 

Annie Burrows “A Countess By Christmas” Review By Lady Victoria

Annie Burrows “A Countess By Christmas”
Review By Lady Victoria

4 Hearts Out Of 5

Sebastian Bridgemere has money, gorgeous looks, and the title of an Earl. Once a year Lord Bridgemere throws a Christmas party at his home at Alvanley Hall and invites his close relatives. Its seems that his close relatives only come to Alvanley Hall for one thing, and that is to hound Lord Bridgemere for his money and his status as Lord Bridgemere is considered one of the wealthiest Earls in the Country.

Lord Bridgemere knows that this Christmas will be no different from the others, that is, until a rickety carriage pulls up into his drive way. From the carriage, pops a beautiful young lady with big brown eyes, but before he can say hello, the elderly lady beside her faints as she exits the carriage. Lord Bridgemere jumps to the rescue scooping up the elderly lady. He has no idea that the guest of the elderly lady, with the big brown eyes, happens to be her adopted niece, not a servant. Unfortunately because of her aunts mistake, he has placed the elderly women and her niece in the servants area. Lord Sebastian Bridgemere is going to be put in his spot by the niece of the elderly lady named Helen Forrest. Sebastian Bridgemere will fall head over heals in love with Helen Forrest loving that she is not your typical lady who is after his money. Sparks and Passion will fly in “A Countess By Christmas”.

“A Countess By Christmas” is the perfect book to read during the holidays. You will immediately fall in love with the romance in this book and all of the festive touches that are written into this novel. So grab some apple cider, a warm blanket and sit by a cozy fire and prepare to fall in love with “A Countess By Christmas” by Annie Burrows.

Saturday, December 10, 2011

Annie Burrows “A Countess By Christmas” Review By Lady Victoria (Coming Soon!)

"The Earl of Bridgemere is happy to encourage his reputation as a curmudgeonly recluse if it repels the grasping females who usually attend his lavish Christmas parties.

Helen Forrest is like a breath of fresh air, uninterested in his wealth and not cowed by his temper.

Bridgemere's seasonal duty suddenly becomes a pleasure as he sets about making Helen his countess - by Christmas!"

Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Elizabeth Essex “A Sense of Sin” Review By Lady Victoria

Elizabeth Essex “A Sense of Sin” Review By Lady Victoria

3 Hearts Out Of 5

Rupert Delacorte is looking for revenge on the lady who caused his sister Emily Delacorte to commit suicide. He knows who the lady is and is determined at all costs to seek revenge on her. First though, he must find her and confront her about it. If only that was so easy. You see, the lady that he seeks revenge on, is considered upper societies most beautiful lady, Celia Burke. Rupert must put the beauty of Celia Burke aside and focus on what is important to him, and that is ruining Celia's reputation in memory of his sister.

Celia Burke has been through a very painful loss. She lost her best school friend, Emily Delacorte to suicide. She also has been receiving threating blackmail letters telling her that she must produce a certain amount of money, or they will ruine her reputation. She has no idea who her blackmailer is, but she soon discovers more when Celia hears from a close friend of Rupert Delacorte. Is this person Celia's true blackmailer? Will Celia be able to avoid the traps, and stear clear of web an elaborate web of seduction?

Elizabeth Essex spins a tale of seduction, lies and murder. “A Sense of Sin” delivers non-stop heated passion. This book also has numerous twists and turns that will have you second guessing what is going to happen next. If you like a book with lots of erotic passion, than this book is for you.

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Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dawne Dominique "Dark Diary: The First" Review By Raven Kelly

Dawne Dominique "Dark Diary: The First"
Review By Raven Kelly

3 Bats Out Of 5

Daniella Rolfe is the only living race of her vampire kind that has her blood type. She is like no other vampire. Daniella wields an unmistakable power that can kill any vampire, even the oldest vampires. She is also drop dead gorgeous and has no problems finding a mortal lover with her sex appeal. She has managed to go undetected for centuries without humans knowing of her. That is, until mortal lovers of hers start turning up dead with Daniella's initials scared into their bodies. Daniella now has the police asking her questions, and she even had someone break into her apartment and trash the place. Will Daniella's secret of being a vampire be discovered by mortals, or will she find out who is killing her lovers first, and remain a secret?

Aiden Blackmore is the best damn cop Winnipeg has. He can catch any criminal and solve any crime. So when Aiden's name starts appearing on dead mens bodies, he starts wondering who would play a such a sick trick on him. He has no enemies, that he knows of, that would want to see him in jail. Aiden is about to learn that this is not your typical killer, and what he thought was once a fairytale will soon become reality. Aiden also must try and put his male hormones aside when he is asked to interview the beautiful Daniella Rolfe and protect her from this crazed killer.

Aiden Blackmore and Daniella Rolfe, two very unlikely allies will have to come together united to have any hope in tracking down the evil sicko that has taken their loved ones from them. Will Aiden and Daniella's sexual attraction towards each other be their downfall, and will the killer catch them off guard? Find out in this fast paced action packed novel where secrets will be exposed and trust will be built. Where vampire and human unite in Dawne Dominique's Dark Diary: The First.

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