Sunday, December 4, 2011

Dawne Dominique "Dark Diary: The First" Review By Raven Kelly

Dawne Dominique "Dark Diary: The First"
Review By Raven Kelly

3 Bats Out Of 5

Daniella Rolfe is the only living race of her vampire kind that has her blood type. She is like no other vampire. Daniella wields an unmistakable power that can kill any vampire, even the oldest vampires. She is also drop dead gorgeous and has no problems finding a mortal lover with her sex appeal. She has managed to go undetected for centuries without humans knowing of her. That is, until mortal lovers of hers start turning up dead with Daniella's initials scared into their bodies. Daniella now has the police asking her questions, and she even had someone break into her apartment and trash the place. Will Daniella's secret of being a vampire be discovered by mortals, or will she find out who is killing her lovers first, and remain a secret?

Aiden Blackmore is the best damn cop Winnipeg has. He can catch any criminal and solve any crime. So when Aiden's name starts appearing on dead mens bodies, he starts wondering who would play a such a sick trick on him. He has no enemies, that he knows of, that would want to see him in jail. Aiden is about to learn that this is not your typical killer, and what he thought was once a fairytale will soon become reality. Aiden also must try and put his male hormones aside when he is asked to interview the beautiful Daniella Rolfe and protect her from this crazed killer.

Aiden Blackmore and Daniella Rolfe, two very unlikely allies will have to come together united to have any hope in tracking down the evil sicko that has taken their loved ones from them. Will Aiden and Daniella's sexual attraction towards each other be their downfall, and will the killer catch them off guard? Find out in this fast paced action packed novel where secrets will be exposed and trust will be built. Where vampire and human unite in Dawne Dominique's Dark Diary: The First.

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