Tuesday, December 6, 2011

Elizabeth Essex “A Sense of Sin” Review By Lady Victoria

Elizabeth Essex “A Sense of Sin” Review By Lady Victoria

3 Hearts Out Of 5

Rupert Delacorte is looking for revenge on the lady who caused his sister Emily Delacorte to commit suicide. He knows who the lady is and is determined at all costs to seek revenge on her. First though, he must find her and confront her about it. If only that was so easy. You see, the lady that he seeks revenge on, is considered upper societies most beautiful lady, Celia Burke. Rupert must put the beauty of Celia Burke aside and focus on what is important to him, and that is ruining Celia's reputation in memory of his sister.

Celia Burke has been through a very painful loss. She lost her best school friend, Emily Delacorte to suicide. She also has been receiving threating blackmail letters telling her that she must produce a certain amount of money, or they will ruine her reputation. She has no idea who her blackmailer is, but she soon discovers more when Celia hears from a close friend of Rupert Delacorte. Is this person Celia's true blackmailer? Will Celia be able to avoid the traps, and stear clear of web an elaborate web of seduction?

Elizabeth Essex spins a tale of seduction, lies and murder. “A Sense of Sin” delivers non-stop heated passion. This book also has numerous twists and turns that will have you second guessing what is going to happen next. If you like a book with lots of erotic passion, than this book is for you.

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