Tuesday, December 20, 2011

Michelle Picard "Surviving Eden" Review By Raven Kelly

Michelle Picard "Surviving Eden" Review By Raven Kelly

5 Lips Out Of 5

This book is the sequel to “Ruling Eden.” Michelle Picard's latest book “Surviving Eden” starts out where “Ruling Eden” left off. Mother Heir Rachel Rieh has her work cut out for her now that she has accepted being the ruler of the Keysayim. She now has her first challenge as Mother Heir and that is to save the vampire race from being killed by rogue hunters. She must try to unite all the Keysayim, and convince them to help the vampires kill the rogue hunters before they kill off the vampire race. If that is the least of her problems, she is now being confronted by the goddess Lilith who is driving Rachel nuts by telling her she is not doing enough to save human kind. Lilith is also casting spells on Rachel turning her into a cold hearted bitch to boot. No wonder Rachel is doubting herself as Mother Heir to Eden. Will Rachel be able to unite the Keysayim together in time to save the vampire race from being destroyed, or will the vampire race become instinct? Find out what happens in this wonderful tale of vampires, faeries, shapeshifters, demons, angels, witches, dragons, and one crazy goddess in Michelle Picard's book “Surviving Eden”. Reviewed By- Raven Kelly- ParanormalRomance.ca

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