Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Book Review of "Witch's Heart"

Once again Tabitha Shay out does herself. Tabitha is becoming one of my favorite authors. I loved this book, I could not stop laughing at the humor Tabitha puts into this book. I loved the character of Dinka Sage's little frog companion the best. I also enjoyed reading about Sage and Hannah's relationship, and how Hannah puts Sage in his spot for breaking her heart three times.

Hannah Winslow thought she met the man of her dreams named Sage. He is a young handsome Waken, who just happens to be an assassin. She soon realizes that Sage has come to kill her at her place of work. Instead of killing her, he puts a spell on her and sends her back to the human world. After being sent back to the human world, she decides to get even with Sage for breaking her heart. Hannah decides she is going to kick some Waken ass. “Witches Heart “ is a great read full of lots and lots of humor, and hunky waken's with buff bods for your reading pleasure. Click Here To read More of my book review of Tabitha Shay's Book Witch's Heart!

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Interview with Author Michele Bardsley

My Interview with Author Michele Bardsley

Where is your favorite place to write, where do you feel most creative?

A: My writing role model is my mother, a professional journalist. I grew up watching her write for a living and my passion for books and the written word I owe entirely to her.

One of the perks of being a full-time writer is being able to stay at home. I love curling up in my bedroom with a cup of coffee, my dogs napping next to me, and my laptop open.

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

My Book Review of "Witch's Heart " Coming Soon!

Journey into a world where magic rules and death is the penalty for
mistakes--return to the kingdom of Ru-Noc, where witches, wizards, and warlocks dwell...

Hannah Miller is starting over--new life, new location, and the grand opening of the Sugar 'N' Spice bakery with her best friend, Kirrah Walker. But Hannah soon discovers Sanctuary is not small town America. Trapped in a world of magic where humans are considered aliens--Hannah soon becomes the target of a waken assassin.

The male witch, Sage, is sent to terminate Hannah, the impertinent human who has dared to enter the sacred realm. Sage usually complies with the guild's orders, but he faces this assignment with dread. He hasn't forgotten what took place at the Salem witch trials in 1692 and has vowed to avoid all mortals--until he sees Hannah for the first time.

Caught up in the immortal conflict sweeping across Ru-Noc, the star-crossed lovers wage a different kind of war that set off more sparks than a witch's wand...

Fall under the spell of "Witch's Heart"--where Sage and Hannah discover love has a magic all its own.

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Thursday, February 17, 2011

“Seven Nights to Forever” is a passionate love story that will tug at your heart strings. This sex charged novel will have your temperature soaring above 100 degrees throughout this love story between two people from to completely different worlds. Don't forget the tissue as there are some very moving moments in this book.

James thought the day he said his vows to Amalia that he would be marrying the love of his life. He never could have dreamed that the person he committed his heart to could be so cruel, wishing him nothing but pain. He also never thought visiting a brothel one night would change his life forever. All it took was just one look at a beautiful courtesan named Rose to be head over heels in lust with her. How is James suppose to deal with having a cruel wife, and being in such lust with Rose. James has his plate full, and must decide what he wants in his life. Should he take Rose away to the country for seven nights of pleasure that he so deserves, or should he stay married and faithful to his wife Amalia, who refuses love him in return.

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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

>My Interview with Paranormal Fantasy Author Kristin Stefanos

My Interview with Paranormal Fantasy Author Kristin Stefanos

Do you have any role models? Have there been any other writers that have inspired you?

A: My writing role model is my mother, a professional journalist. I grew up watching her write for a living and my passion for books and the written word I owe entirely to her.

My greatest inspiration for writing is my favorite author, Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. He was a working doctor and penned many of the Sherlock Holmes stories while he waited for patients in his office. He was a wonderful role model with regards to taking advantage of free time. He also gathered a great deal of ideas from observing what went on around him. Despite being a scientist and a physician, he had an interest in the supernatural, which carried over into his writing. You don’t have to stop believing in things that go bump in the night to be good at medicine. As a doctor and an author of supernatural fiction, I feel a certain kinship with this.

Tuesday, February 15, 2011

My Book Review of "Seven Nights to Forever " Coming Soon!

Some sacrifices are more difficult than others. Left destitute after her father's death, Rose Marlowe has debts to settle and a younger brother to support. But she also possesses an unmatched beauty-one that could command quite a price...

Now, every month, Rose secretly travels from her country home to spend one week at a decadent London brothel, where she's become a sought-after prize. Elegant and accomplished in the art of pleasure, she spends her nights fulfilling the fantasies of the gentlemen of the ton while denying the wish buried deep in her heart.

Then one night a wealthy merchant gentleman walks through her door. Handsome, kind and compassionate, with a lonely soul that matches her own, James Archer is not her usual client. Falling in love with a client, never mind a married one, is unthinkable. Yet Rose can't help but lose herself in his arms as one night becomes seven-and seven nights lead to a chance at forever...

Thursday, February 10, 2011

My Book Review of "Katrina, the Beginning "

Evil is lurking within the walls of Katrina's families castle. There is a spy who will stop at nothing to harm whoever is required to gain power and control of the vampire council. Katrina and her friends must unite and use all their fighting techniques and special gifts if they are to win.

Elizabeth Loraine writes a riveting story about what "true" and "loving friendships" are all about. Elizabeth will capture you with her wonderful story of five friends and their journey to becoming confident young vampires. Beautifully written, and I'm waiting for book two in this soon to be favorite vampire series of mine. If I could give this book 6 Bats out of 5 I would, that is how much I enjoyed this book. It's really that good!

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Wednesday, February 9, 2011

My Book Review of "Katrina, the Beginning " Coming Soon!

The High Regent has called members of each royal vampire family to council. Katrina Von Dracek, traveling with her father wonders what this means to her. She senses evil is all around them and that she will be the one called upon to save them all. Does the Council intend the new royals to start a new coven in the Americas or is there something else? Explore the beginning of the vampire legend and get ready for a wild ride across two continents and five centuries in a classic battle between good and evil. A passionate saga of love, lust, avarice and intrigue.

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Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Lady Victoria Kelly 's Book Review of “When Harry Met Molly”

“When Harry Met Molly” is a delightful read that will leave you smiling. I enjoyed this book so much that I wish the book didn't have to end. My fingers could not turn the pages quick enough through this wonderful book. “When Harry Met Molly” is the debut book in Kieran Kramer's new series called “The Impossible Bachelors”.

Harry and his friends are part a group called “The Impossible Bachelors”. Once a year the bachelors meet with their mistress and compete and see who's mistress will be Most Delectable. The bachelor that wins, will secure bachelor status of being single and it will save him another year of having to get married.

Harry's mistress Fiona decides to run off with Molly's finance leaving Molly to find her own way home, and Harry without a mistress. Seeing that Molly is stuck at a pub with no way home, Harry proposes and idea to Molly that he will take her home if she decides to pose as Harry's mistress for one week. She must help him win another year of freedom from being married. Harry and Molly must act like a couple and put their anger aside letting the past be the past. Fireworks are about to ignite with passion for Harry and Molly. Will they be able to keep their feelings for each other at bay, or will they fall in love? Find out what happens by reading this wonderful novel by Kieran Kramer.

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My Interview with Paranormal Romance Author Wend Petzler

My Interview with Paranormal Romance Author Wend Petzler

Q: Do you have any role models? Have there been any other writers that have inspired you?

 A: Role models would have to be John Wayne, my father. My dad taught me a lot about being who I am today. He is a generous, loving, honorable man whose creative spirit still inspires me today.

Writers who had the greatest influence on me are David Eddings, Katherine Woodiwess, and Frank Herbert.