Thursday, February 24, 2011

My Book Review of "Witch's Heart"

Once again Tabitha Shay out does herself. Tabitha is becoming one of my favorite authors. I loved this book, I could not stop laughing at the humor Tabitha puts into this book. I loved the character of Dinka Sage's little frog companion the best. I also enjoyed reading about Sage and Hannah's relationship, and how Hannah puts Sage in his spot for breaking her heart three times.

Hannah Winslow thought she met the man of her dreams named Sage. He is a young handsome Waken, who just happens to be an assassin. She soon realizes that Sage has come to kill her at her place of work. Instead of killing her, he puts a spell on her and sends her back to the human world. After being sent back to the human world, she decides to get even with Sage for breaking her heart. Hannah decides she is going to kick some Waken ass. “Witches Heart “ is a great read full of lots and lots of humor, and hunky waken's with buff bods for your reading pleasure. Click Here To read More of my book review of Tabitha Shay's Book Witch's Heart!

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