Thursday, June 9, 2011 Book Review Of "No Mercy" by Sherrilyn Kenyon Book Review Of  "No Mercy" by Sherrilyn Kenyon (5 Bats Out Of 5)

Dev Peltier is an awesome Were-Hunter. He has as never let his guard down, or anyone to penetrate his heart for that matter. That is, until a Dark-Hunter named Sami rides up on her bike and stops Dev in his tracks. Just one look and Dev falls head over heels for Sami. How will Dev keep Sami out of his mind, and his sexual urges under control? Can he focus on what matters, or will he let his heart cloud his mind? There is also something very evil is lurking on the horizon that will test Dev's ability to survive, and test his heart at the same time.

I loved the humor in this book, I could not get enough of it. Sherrilyn sure knows how to write a good book with lots of packed action and great sarcasm and banter. “No Mercy” did not lack once, I was hooked right from the beginning and had hard time putting this book down. I keep wanting to read more about Dev and Sami. Great book with loads of excitement and humor.

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