Monday, June 13, 2011 Book Review Of "Highland Vampire" Book Review Of "Highland Vampire" ( 2 Hearts Out Of 5)

Natasha Desmond has just inherited her Aunt's money and pharmaceutical business. The only problem with the inheritance is that her crazy step brother is not happy with it. He is trying to make Natasha look like she is crazy. His hope is to have Natasha admitted to the nut house. After learning of the plot, Natasha flees to Scotland in hopes of evading her step brother. While in Scotland, Natasha decides to stay a couple of nights at Castle Kilburn that is allegedly haunted by a vampire.

Garret Kilburn is the owner Kilburn Castle, and knows that the castle is haunted by a vampire. When Natasha arrives at the castle, Garret is taken back by her beauty. When Natasha starts being seduced by the vampire, Garret realizes that he must protect her from the vampire, and also try and protect her from her crazy stepbrother as well.

Unfortunately this book didn’t work for me. I found that there was no engaging story line, or personal attachment built to the characters in this book. It was just a whole lot of sex, with not a lot to tie things together. I would like to have learned more about who this vampire was, and why he is killing people and living at Kilburn Castle. I also would have liked to have learned more about Natasha. I don't recommend this book.

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