Thursday, September 15, 2011

Just Arrived Book Review of "The Witch And The Wolf" Book Review of "The Witch And The Wolf" ( 4 Hearts Out Of 5 )

Lord Jeremy North has been cursed as a werewolf for eight year's now, and on the eve of his change taking place he receives a knock at his door. Standing there in the middle of a blinding snow storm is the most beautiful women he has ever layed eyes on with the bluest eyes he has ever seen. Before she can introduce herself, she faints at his knees from exhaustion. Great, now Jeremy is about to turn into a raging werewolf in 24 hours.

Lillian Merriweather is a witch who is running from her uncle and the fiancé, that her uncle is forcing her to marry. She thought she was safe from being discovered until her fiancé and uncle found her hiding out at a local inn. Now, on the run, in a blinding snow storm, she see's a house in the distance with the lights on and decides that maybe she can hide out until the snowstorm ends. She has no idea that the house that she just knocked on is the house of a werewolf who is going to be changing in the next 24 hours. Poor Lillian is now trapped in a house with a werewolf trying to hide from her uncle and fiancé.

This book was an awesome short read full of secrets and love. I loved this book, one that I was not able to put down. I wanted to keep reading until the end. I love the story of how Lillian put her own problems aside and helped Lord North deal with his changing into a werewolf. I also love how she never judged him for who he was, and that touched me. This is a wonderful story of what true love is all about.

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Tricia Schneider said...

"This is a wonderful story of what true love is all about." Oh, this is the best thing you can say about a romance story! Love it! Thank you so much! :)