Monday, September 19, 2011

Coming Soon! Raven Kelly's Book Review Of "Midnight Rose"

The countdown is on for Louisville, Kentucky's fireworks show and the Watchers are in place. Rogue vampires, being the ultimate party crashers they are, are expected to join the revelry. Rosa Bella has her own chaos to manage. As a vampire who manages to blend in with society, she doesn't need any more complications. But a gorgeous one has just turned her life upside down Vane, a Watcher assigned to hunt down and eliminate Rogues prowling the downtown streets. Vane fills his nights with his favorite letter of the alphabet, females and food. But nothing fills his heart like Rosa's soft, sexy body. Still, a Watchers life has no room for attachments, even one who can defend herself with a pair of red stilettos. Then two unexpected players join the game, and Rosa is thrust into the middle as the prize. They never expected their relationship to be a bed of roses, but as the festival-ending horse race looms, the only way to survive to the finish line is to face the dangers together.

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