Monday, September 26, 2011

Just Arrived Book Review Of "Dangerous In Diamonds"

Just Arrived Book Review Of "Dangerous In Diamonds" ( 3 Hearts Out Of 5 )

The Duke of Castleford loves to drink and be with women of the night. For now, the Duke has no reason to settle down and get married. He is very happy the way his life is going along, and things are great, but when his uncle dies, he ends up inheriting land. Little does Tristan want to disturb his life with all of this, but he soon reluctantly decides to make a unannounced visit to one of his newly inherited properties to check it out. Tristan has no idea that the tenant that is occupying his newly inherited property is a beautiful women named Daphne Joyes, who is strong willed and very independent. She will not succumb to any mans charm, and that includes The Duke of Castleford. Now that Tristan knows who occupies his property, he now has a mission, and that is to seduce the beautiful Daphne Joyes into his bedchamber. If only it was so easy for Tristan, he is going to have the challenge of his life trying to win Daphne as she is not easily seduced. Will Tristan be able to seduce Daphne into his bed chamber and make passionate love to her, or will be Tristan be the one who is seduced into changing his wild ways and settle down and become a kept man?

This is the first book of Madeline Hunter's that I have read. I was slightly disappointed with “Dangerous in Diamonds”. This book starts out slow right from the beginning, but does start to pick up near the middle of the book. There are some bright spots in this book, but also some spots that where the book drags on without pushing the story line ahead. The ending of this book will shock the socks off you. I did not see it coming at all. Over all this book was not a bad read, it had its moments.

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