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Laura Stamps “A Vampire's Kiss” Review By

Laura Stamps “A Vampire's Kiss” Review By

4 Bats Out Of 5

Sara Gadsden loves reading paranormal romance novels. She claims to know everything that there is to know about vampires, or so she thinks. One weekend, her good friend Maylene invites Sara along to go over to her best friend Noelle's Samhain party. Sara has no idea that the guy that Noelle (Maylene's best friend) introduces Sara to just happens to be a millionaire. Not only a millionaire, but also a 147 year old vampire, who is dressed up as Dracula -go figure. Sara is beside herself, she can't keep herself from smiling over the fact that there is a gorgeous guy, standing 6 feet tall, dressed up like Dracula in front of her. He is just so tasty looking! Sara is about to learn the difference between "real life" vampires, and "romance book" vampires. Witch and Vampire are about to ignite each others worlds with lustful passion. They both want sex and nothing more, but will emotions take over, and will their hearts say another thing? Find out what happens with Sara and Dray in this fiery passionate love story.

Laura Stamps writes a sexplosion of a novel that will have you laughing at the humor and combusting with passion in a “A Vampire's Kiss'. This book will have you wanting to sink your teeth into all of its yumminess. I can't wait for book two in Laura Stamps The Manigault Vampires Series.

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