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Ashley March's "Romancing The Countess” Review By

Ashley March's "Romancing The Countess”
Review By

5 Hearts Out Of 5

Leah George has been keeping the affair her husband had with his best friend's wife a secret for over a year now. Leah has struggled to put a smile on her face in public and act like nothing has happened. She thought that was all behind her, until the day Leah learns that her husband has been killed in tragic carriage accident along with his mistress by his side. When Leah hears of the news she does not shed a tear she actually feels free from her husband and that she can move on with life. Leah already did her mourning over her husband a year ago when she gave up on her marriage after catching her husband and mistress together in bed. What Leah must do now, is try and put on a show for everyone societies upper class making it appear that she really and truly devastated over her husbands death. She must become the sad widow.

While being in mourning for over four months, Leah becomes lonely with not seeing anyone or being able to go to dances. She decides that she wants to throw a house party in memory her husband's name. She can finally have some comforting company around for once and she can be with some of her friends. Leah invites some of her husbands close friends to her party, so she can show everyone that she is still struggling with her husbands death. While hosting her house party, Leah has no idea that Sebastian Madinger, the husband of Ian's mistress, has shown up after overhearing at a local pub that she is hosting a house party. How is Leah going to handle having Sebastian in her home and avoid causing a scandal with hosting this party when she is suppose to be mourning her late husband? This is the very last thing Leah wants right now, she has had enough stress with trying to deal with her husbands affair. Leah also does want anyone to know about the affair her husband had with Sebastian's wife, this could rune her reputation.

Sebastian Madinger thought he had the perfect wife and loving marriage. He also thought he had a best friend and that he could trust his best friend no matter what happened. Sebastian could have never guessed that his best friend, and his beloved wife, were together and killed in a tragic carriage accident together. Sebastian also finds out that they were both lovers and that he had no idea of this affair. Sebastian is not sure if he should be upset or angry at his wife and his best friend for betraying his trust. Sebastian also now must confront his best friend's widow and find out if she knew about the affair and if she did, he must tell her never to breath a word to anyone of the affair for his son's sake, as this could cause the biggest scandal ever with the upper society. While out at a local pup Sebastian over hears that Leah, his best friends widow, is hosting a house party in memory of Ian. Sebastian quickly attends the party to keep to keep an eye on Leah so she does not speak of the affair.

Leah George and Sebastian Madinger are both suffering from broken hearts, but each are dealing with it differently. They both will come together after learning of the affair that their spouses had on them? Scandalous passions will fly in this fiery romance by Ashley March. I read Ashley's first book and just loved it, this book is just as good. I was hooked from page one, and was drawn further into the book all the way to the end. This book not to be missed.

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