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Katie MacAlister “Much Ado About Vampires” Review By

Katie MacAlister “Much Ado About Vampires”
Review By

4 Bats Out Of 5

Corazon Ferreria is a jaded divorced woman. She lost her husband to some babealicious blonde babe. If she now has nothing else, she has a few good friends left. While at one of her friends parties, a hypnotist is hired for fun. Corazon decides to be put under for the fun of it, but has no idea that while she is under she will see herself in a past life during the medieval time era. What Corazon sees is startling. She sees herself get run over by a breakaway ox cart wheel and sees her head decapitated. Well isn't that just great she thinks. While under, she also sees hunk of a man with green eyes walking towards her body, and sees him suck the women of the ox cart dry of her blood. Corazon will meet this man in the most unlikely place in the future, but what she will learn, is that she is this murderous vampire's beloved. Corazon will have to chose to either bind with him in order to save his life, or she can let him be punished by the vampire council and banished to Abbadon for the rest of his life. What will she do? Bind herself with this gorgeous vampire, or say to hell with it, and move on with her life? Either way, Corazon's life is going to be forever changed.

Alec Darwin has been banished to Akasha by the Vampire Council for a crime that he committed. Alec has accepted his fate. He has nothing to live for anymore. A long time ago he lost his Beloved to a freak accident where her head was decapitated by a ox cart wagon wheel. A vampire without a beloved has nothing to live for.

One day while lying by a rock in Akasha needing blood so bad, and giving up on life, a beautiful women out of nowhere offers her blood freely to him. What Alec doesn't know is that this women who offered her blood to him is his reincarnated beloved, who he had thought died. She does not look like his beloved, but she caries his beloveds soul within herself. Alec will need to protect his beloved from harms way and try and convince her to bind with him since he does not want to lose what's most dearest to him again in his lifetime. Will he be able to convince his beloved to bind with him, or will he lose her forever?

“Much Ado About Vampires” has fantastic humor and great banter throughout the entire book, the twists and turns in it will keep you up all night reading it. I loved reading “Much Ado About Vampires” by Katie MacAlister, I laughed throughout the whole book. =-)

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