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Jenna Maclaine “Grave Sins” Review By

Jenna Maclaine “Grave Sins” Review By

5 Hearts Out Of 5
Once again Cin Craven and the Righteous are called into action to help find the truth and bring justice to all humans, vampires and all other magical kind. Cin Craven is part of the Righteous along with her gorgeous consort Micheal, and her friends. Cin and her friends are called upon to investigate a Queen named Marrakesh who has gone mad and is being accused of killing humans. The Highest King of Vampires forbids all vampires to kill humans and wants Marrakesh brought to justice because he thinks that she is guilty. Cin has a feeling that Marrakesh is innocent and she must do whatever is takes to find out who is killing humans and pointing the killings towards the Queen. If Cin and her friends can not find the killers, Marrakesha will either be killed or locked up away at Castle Tara for the rest of her life.

Unfortunately this is not the only problem that Cin will face. Her relationship with Micheal will be tested like never before. Jealously will spark anger within Micheal when his rival enemy starts making passes at Cin. Aunt Maggie will also try and take Cins powers away as she now thinks that her niece is evil and does accept that she is now a vampire. How on earth can Cin Craven figure out how to catch a killer and keep her lover from leaving her? Find out what happens by reading this exciting book my Jenna Maclaine.

This is the second book in Jenna Maclaine's series called “A Cin Craven Series”. “Grave Sins” is full of passion and thrills. Relationships will be tested to there limits and magic will used for good and bad. This is a not a book to be missed!

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