Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Suza Kates "Conviction of a Witch" Review By Raven Kelly!

Suza Kates "Conviction of a Witch"
Review By Raven Kelly!

4 Lips Out Of 5

Willyn Brousseau is one of nine witches from her coven, and she has been chosen to complete her individual trial and help stop the demon Bastraal from being resurrected. Willyn must figure out what her task will be from her dreams in order to complete her trial, or the prophecy will not be completed and Bastraal will rule over mankind. Willyn has also been having awful dreams of a witch being burned at the stake, and a demon preacher asking the witch in Willyn's dream where a certain book is. Willyn knows that this book is part of her trial, and must find the book before its to late. Will Willyn be able to complete her trial and stop the evil demon Bastraal from rising again, or will Willyn and her coven sisters be destroyed?

Dare Forster is familiar with the Savannah witches and knows all about their prophecy. He also has a plan to hopefully hook up with one of the Savannah witches, but if he thinks that is going to go smoothly, Dare has another thing coming. When he arrives at the island and first lays eyes on Willyn Brousseau he is awestruck by her beauty. He notices that Willyn wears a Christian cross and also happens to be a witch. Dare can not stand anyone who wears a cross because of his childhood. He also has no idea that Willyn is his mate and that he will have to put her Christian beliefs aside and help her complete her individual trial.

Suza Kates delivers a spellbound tail of two lost souls who will be put to the test of what true love is. Suza will draw you into the wonderful world of Willyn Brousseau and Dare Forster and their journey to finding each other. Conviction of a Witch is full of twists and turns and is wonderfully written.

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