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Donna Grant "Untamed Highlander" Review By

Donna Grant "Untamed Highlander" Review By (3 Hearts Out of 5)

 Isla had the perfect and peaceful life living among her druid friends and family. That all changed one faithful day when out of no where, men on horses dressed in black snatched Isla, her sister, and her niece. They are all taken to one of the most horrific places on earch, Carin Toul Mountain. A evil Drough lives and operates Carin Toul on the Mountain, her name is Deidre. Deidre, like most evil creates of her ilk, dreams of nothing but more power. She will stop at nothing to achieve it. This is why she had Isla, her sister, and her niece kidnapped. They all have very powerful magic, and gifts that Deidre can use to control every living thing on earth.

While captured and under Deidre's control, for five long centuries Isla is made to endure daily whippings, and perform many other evil deeds while under Deidre's mind control. It gets to the point that Isla is no longer able to live this hell anymore. Things are going to change one way or the other. What will Ilsa do? Will Isla ever be free of Deidre, or will she die on the mountain of Carin Toul at the hands of one of Dedires beatings?

Donna Grant weaves a spell of magic and sheer excitement in her book “Untamed Highlander.” This is a great book, I just wish there would have been little more action written into the story line. I'll certainly be waiting to read the next book in this series.

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