Saturday, January 7, 2012

Maryjanice Davidson "Undead And Unfinished" Review By Raven Kelly

Maryjanice Davidson "Undead And Unfinished"
Review By Raven Kelly

5 Bats Out Of 5

Betsy Taylor is dying to read the “Book of Dead” to find out what her future holds. The only problem is that she having trouble trying to read it, and needs a little help. The only person that can help her read the "Book of Dead," is her half sister Laura's Mother, none other than the devil herself. Upon meeting the devil, Betsy reluctantly manages to strike a deal. Betsy will agree to teach her sister how to time travel, but by teaching her sister to time travel, she knows that the devil has plans to make Laura the next ruler of Hell. Betsy has no choice in this matter though, her curiosity is just too strong. She has to know what's in the Book of Dead no matter what, even if it means making a deal with the devil. 

Betsy has no idea that while her sister and her go back in time, that Betsy is about learn about her and her husbands life. Betsy must now try and turn time back and make sure that everything that has lead up to this present time will happen as intended. She must also right the wrongs in her past, and fix all the mistakes she has made. If she does, will things end up turning out all right for her, or will she make a big mistake in trying to fix her past and end up not happy with her life in the end?

“Undead and Unfinished” is witty and very humorous. Right from page one I was already laughing to myself and I just knew that this was going to be a great book. I loved the character Betsy and her attitude. A Vampire Queen who loves shoes, my kinda vampire. Her experience in hell had me cracking up with all of her comments towards Satan. I can't wait to read the next book in the The Undead Series. This is book is a MUST READ for all vampire fans out there.

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