Thursday, January 12, 2012

Suza Kates "Conviction of a Witch" Review By Raven Kelly (Coming Soon)

Suza Kates "Conviction of a Witch" Review
By Raven Kelly (Coming Soon)

The Good
Finding out she was a witch was more difficult for Willyn Brousseau than any of the nine women in her newfound coven. She’s a mother, a healer, and wears a cross around her neck to proudly declare her religion. She and her friends are just learning to master their power, but Willyn’s time is up. It’s her turn to stand against evil and pass her individual trial. What else could go possibly wrong?
The Bad
Dare Forster is well acquainted with the prophecy, the demon, and the coven’s magic. It’s precisely why he’s come to the island near Savannah. He’s a witch bearing a grudge, but he also has a plan. He just needs one of the nine to make it happen.
The Undeniable
Willyn and Dare come together like flint and brimstone, rejecting the desire that sparks between them. He’s no good for her, and she’s his sworn enemy. Both will be tested in ways they can’t imagine and pray that love will save them, body and soul.

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