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Laura Stamps “Call of the Witches” Review By ParanormalRomance.ca

Laura Stamps “Call of the Witches” Review By

5 Lips Out Of 5

Maylene Whitmire has had the worse luck with men. She always seems to be attracted to men who bring her down in life and never fully appreciate her. Maylene decides to take a two year vow of celibacy and with it, a chance work on herself by reprogramming her subconscious mind. She is hoping to attract good men in her life, not dead beats. While working on herself, Maylene decides to move from Charleston, North Carolina to Columbia, South Carolina, where her best friend Noelle lives. Not long after her arrival, Maylene decides to visit her best friend who just lives a few houses up the street from her. While at her best friends house, she spots the most delectable man she has ever seen. Too bad for Maylene, she took a two year vow of celibacy and has four more months to go. What Maylene doesn't know, is that this gorgeous specimen of a man named Blaine is everything she has been looking. He is caring, confident, a wiccan, and drop dead gorgeous! How on earth is Maylene to resist this temptation and not jump Blaine's bones? Will she be able to keep her vow of celibacy until Samhain?

Sparks fly in Laura Stamps book “Call of the Witches”. This book is just plain awesome, I love the whole pagan theme Laura incorporates into her book. I lost myself in Laura's book and I was not able to put the book down. I had to keep reading, I was just not able to stop myself. I 100% recommend this book to all of my readers, please pick up a copy of Laura's book today. Thank you Laura for giving me the opportunity to read your book, I look forward to reading another one of your amazing books soon!

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