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Courtney Milan "Trial By Desire" Review By

Courtney Milan "Trial By Desire" Review By

4 Hearts Out Of 5
Ned Carhart has struggled with his inner demons his whole life. Ned Carhart decides after just marrying his beautiful wife, Lady Kathleen, to run off to China to attend to some family matters. What Ned is really doing, is running from his inner demons. While in China, he learns to control his inner demons, and also realizes that he just left his new wife back in England. Ned now knows that if he wants his wife, he must go home and try and save what he left behind. What Ned finds upon his arrival back from China is a strong, confident, and beautiful women, who is not afraid to ask for help. She's a real fighter and never lets the trivial things bring her down. Well, maybe nothing, except for the fact that her husband left her for three years and never told her why. Will Ned be the man that his wife wants? Will he be able to keep his dark demons under control, while around his wife? Will Ned lose control of his inner demons in front of his wife, and will she take Ned back, or send him packing for good?

Lady Kathleen Carhart has been without a husband for three years. She has answered to no one but herself and has managed just fine on her own. While on the way home from visiting her friend, that she managed to help escape from her abusive husband, she is almost trampled by a scared horse. Thank havens for a tall dark and handsome stranger on a horseback who just happened to be passing by at the right time. Kate learns that the stranger who just saved her life, is her husband who now has a burley beard. Kate has not seen this man in three years after he walked out of her life with no warning, or answer to why he left her. She must decide if she wants him in her life again, or wants him out of her life for good. Kate also must keep her feelings and her darkest secrets from him. Kate's secret is that she has hidden is her best friend from her abusive husband, who just happens to be Ned's best friend. Will Kate want her marriage to work? Does she still love Ned, and will Ned learn of her deepest secret?

“Trial By Desire” delivers a thrilling, exciting and passionate tale of dark secrets and sexual tension that simply explodes across the pages of “Trial By Desire.” You'd be well advised to check out Courtney Milan's book “Trial by Desire.” I really enjoyed it!

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