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Isobel Carr "Ripe for Scandal" Review By

Isobel Carr "Ripe for Scandal" Review By

5 Hearts Out Of 5

Sizzling and scandalous is what “Ripe for Scandal” by Isobel Carr delivers. I could not turn the pages fast enough reading this one! Beau and Gareth's intoxicating romance lights up the pages with fiery passion page after page. This book had it all. From the humor, the scandal, the excitement, the drama and the heart pounding action. This is the second book in Isobel's series called “The League of Second Sons”, and I recommended this book to everyone.

Gareth Sandison is what the Ton would call a rake. He has been with married women, and women of the night to satisfy his hunger for women. He is also a second son to a prestigious Earl, meaning that he doesn't feel obligated to marry or have children, since his child would not become the next Earl in the family. Marrying is the last thing that Gareth has on his mind. That is until he finds himself rescuing his best friends sister from being kidnapped by thugs.

Gareth has secretly always fancied the beautiful Lady Boudicea Vaughn, but that is the extent of his thoughts for her. Gareth now finds himself saving Lady Boudicea from harms way in broad daylight, and this is a sure to cause a major scandal among the Ton. Gareth would hate to see his best friends sister's name ruined. He needs to prevent this from happening. If Gareth only knew that the beautiful Lady Boudicea Vaughn has plans for him that he won't be able to resist.

Lady Boudicea Vaughn has just been kidnapped by a bunch of thugs, and has no idea where she is being taken to, or who these men are. Lady Boudicea also has no idea that Gareth Sandison, her brother's best friend saw her being kidnapped and is in the process of trying to rescue her. Beau also knows that her reputation is completely ruined with the Ton, and that no man is going to want her. Her family name is officially ruined because of being kidnapped. Now that Gareth has come to Lady Boudicea's rescue and saved her from her kidnappers he can finally get her off his hands and take her back to her parents. Unfortunately Lady Boudicea comes up with an idea of seducing Gareth into marrying her, and running off to Scotland so she can try to restore her family name.

Will Beau and Gareth be able to evade her kidnappers? Will Beau be able to pull her plan off and seduce Gareth, or will she be ruined for the rest of her life? Find out what happens in this wonderful and exciting book of Isobel Carr's.

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