Thursday, March 10, 2011

My Book Review of “The Billionaire's Mate” by Copper McKenzie

My Book Review of “The Billionaire's Mate” by Copper McKenzie 

Margot always dreamed of having her own hunk from the romantic novels she reads. Margot has no idea that the job she just applied for, would bring her one step closer to the man of her dreams.

Adam Thomasson is a billionaire who runs one of the most successful companies going. He has money, looks, and friends, but he has not found his mate. That is, until Margot walks into his office looking for a job interview. He knows right then and there that she is his mate. Before he can stop himself, he asks her to move in with him, gives her money, and tells her that she is his mate for life. Margot thinks she has lost it and wonders when she will wake up. Now that her prince charming Adam has walked into her life, she will have to fight for him, and hope that he will want her forever. Will everything turn out for the best? Will Margot and Adam live happily ever after?

This a great erotic romance book to read Saturday nights. It's a short book full of tantalizing sex that will keep your toes curled all night long. Great job Copper, I look forward to reading the sequel to this book. Click here to read the rest of my book reviews.

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