Friday, March 18, 2011

Lady Victoria Kelly's Book Review Of “Claiming The Courtesan

Lady Victoria Kelly's Book Review Of “Claiming The Courtesan

Verity is a well known courtesan that is every man's dream girl. She goes by the alias Soraya. She is about to end her one year contract with a prestigious Duke from London and enter into a long overdue retirement. She has no intention on telling the Duke of Kylemore about her retirement, and where she is planning to retire. Little does Verity know that this is about to erupt a volcano of anger in the Duke, he will do anything to keep his mistress from leaving him. The Duke even has plans to kidnap Verity and possibly force her into marrying him, so she will never leave him again. Will Verity be forced to marry the Duke of Kylemore? Will she manage to stay in retirement and evade the Duke of Kylemore? Find out what happens to Verity, and the Duke of Kylemore in this sizzling novel by Anna Campbell.

Claiming The Courtesan” starts out slow at the beginning, but picks up after the slow start, and will stir you with excitement. A great love story between two unlikely people who fall in love with each other. Anna Campbell's novel delivers up a cup of spicy romance filled with heated passion that combines into a great love story. Click Here to read more of my review of Anna Campbell's book.

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