Thursday, January 13, 2011

Lady Victoria's Book Review of "Never Trust A Rogue"

Olivia Drake writes a charming love story full lots of gossip and maid servants being murdered. “Never Trust a Rogue” will have you turning the pages with eagerness wandering who the serial killer is. This book will also have you smiling and laughing with its well written humor.

Lindsey Crompton is not your normal society lady. She hates attending social engagements, shopping, and gossip. All she really wants out of life is to own her own private investigation company, and not be tied down to a man.

Lindsey and Thane are about to encounter each other in an unusual way. Sparks are going to fly between these two. Thane has trouble trying to get Lindsey Crompton out of his mind. He realizes that he does not want to get married, but Lindsey seems to stir desires that he cannot control. Lindsey despises that Thane Parker is a player and sleeps around. However she can't seem get his face out of her mind. Click Here to Read More of this review!

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