Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Bittne2ice Upcoming Book "Blood Moon" !

Please check out Bittne2ice's upcoming book "Blood Moon", and tell her that Raven Kelly sent ya. =-)

Summary of the Bittne2ice's book

Hiding his private life in the public eye, vampire Alexander Macedo, goes to hell and back in a race against time to save the one woman he would die again for and the other he could spend an eternity with. A rogue vampire threatens the balance of power. Bred for strategy but torn between his want for love and his need for companionship, Alex battles to save all he holds dear.

If you would like more info about Bittne2ice's Upcoming Book please visit her Website at: or Facebook Fan Page


Bitten Twice said...

Thanks for hosting the Showcase Raven.

Bertena Varney said...

Hi everyone. Make sure you comment here so that you can be entered to win a free book and tickets.And please follow Raven's page-- look to the right

Bitten Twice said...

Thank you Raven for showcasing my book.