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New Book Review Of Sara Durham "The Lycan Moon” Review By

New Book Review Of Sara Durham "The Lycan Moon”
Review By

4 Lips Out Of 5

Dana Pierce was born a witch. She is destined to use the powers that she's had since young to reverse a centuries old werewolf curse that one of her ancestors enacted on one of her ex-lovers future male children. Dana was told by her adoptive mother, Natasha, that Dana needs to research a man named Konrad Nachtman. Through Natasha's visions, Dana's adoptive Mother informs Dana that she must assist Konrad to reverse the werewolf curse that has plagued him his entire life. If only that was so easy for Dana, she must now try and find Konrad, and he may not even be alive. If Konrad is still alive, Dana must try and convince Konrad that she has the power within herself to help rid him of the curse. Will Dana find Konrad Nachtman alive? Will Konrad accept Dana's help, and finally be free of the werewolf curse that has destroyed his life?

Sara Durham's writes a wonderful novel filled with surprises, secrets, and strange destinies to be fulfilled in this fast paced book called “The Lycan Moon.” You will be surprised near the end of the book, just when you think you have it all figured out, trust me, you don't. I really loved how the novel went from the present to the past, and how it drew you into Dana's and Konrad's past lives. This novel was Very well written, and I hope I have the opportunity to read another of Sara Durham's novels soon!

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