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Donna Grant's "Shadow Highlander” Review By

Donna Grant's "Shadow Highlander” Review By

4 Hearts Out of 5

Reaghan loves her life, she loves living among her fellow druids in the forest hidden from everyone. Reaghan's life is about to change through while she is out for a walk in the forest. Reaghan notices two beautiful warriors walking outside the invisible shield of her home, and wonders what they are looking for. What Reaghan does not know, is that they are looking for the hidden druids, and want to ask them some questions. Reaghan knows that she is not suppose to reveal her hidden location to anyone no matter what, but Reaghan cannot keep her curiosity from getting the best of her. She decides to make her presence known to the warriors.

Galen is a very powerful warrior and is determined more that ever to rid the world of Deidre, the evil drough, who has ruined his life as well as his friends. When Galen is asked to hunt down the one thing that can kill Deidre once and for all, he is all to happy to oblige. While Galen and his warrior friend are looking for the hidden druids hideout they come across a beautiful druid and wonder where she came from since they hadn’t seen anyone around for miles. What Galen does not know, is that this beautiful druid is the artifact that they have been looking for. He first must convince this fine druid that they need her help. Will Galen be able to keep focused on the saving him and his friends and put his attraction for the beautiful druid named Reaghan aside, or will he succumb to her magic and beauty and forget what he was asked to do?

Galen is going to need to use all of his powers to save Reaghan, and humanity from the one evil person that could destroy everything that he loves and cares for. Will he be able to keep Reaghan from Deirdre and from her finding out that Reaghan holds the key to Deirdre's destruction? Will Reaghan be able to figure out how to undo the spell that she has put on herself before it is too late and Deidre has gained her powers back? Will Reaghan fail everyone completely?

Donna Grant writes a heart pounding, action packed novel about love, devotion, and friendship. This book is a great read and will have you anticipating what is going to happen next all the way through.

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