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Kate Pearce “Mark of the Rose” Review By HistoricalRomanceBooks.ca

Kate Pearce “Mark of the Rose” Review By

4 Hearts Out Of 5

Lady Verity Llwellyn comes from a long line of powerful Druids who are among some of the best Vampire slayers. The Llwellyn druids have been protecting the monarchy vampires have existed. Lady Verity also has the mark of the Awen on her wrist, just as her cousin Roslind does. This is a very rare mark, and with this mark comes great power derived from the powerful druid bloodline. With the mark of Awen, Verity will become a great vampire slayer, but that was taken from her when Verity was forced into marriage by her parents. Her parents reasoned that if married, she would not turn out to be like her cousin. Lucky for Verity, her husband died and she now has a chance to live her dream. The Queen has become ill and she is carrying the Kings baby. Verity knows that there is a vampire at the root of the Queen's illness because she can smell the stench of the vampire all over the Queen. Hopefully Verity can save the queen before it is too late.

Sir Rhys Willams is the best of the best when it comes to vampire slayers. He even has a few vampire allies that he can turn to his advantage in his pursuit of evil, malevolent vampires. Sir Rhys has just been informed of the Queen's illness and she is carrying the Kings heir to the throne. He has been asked to help with guarding the Queen and must find out what could be causing her illness. He has no idea that the Queen is being hunted by vampires, and they are causing her to become ill. Will Rhys be able to stop these evil vampires from harming the Queen?

Verity Llewllyn and Rhys Williams will unite together in this dangerous tale of love, romance and bravery in their attempt to save the Queen from evil vampires. Will they succeed in saving the Queen, or will evil vampires ultimately claim her life? Will the heir to the throne be lost? Find out in Kate Pearce's novel “Mark of the Rose.”

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