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Dakota Cassidy “The Accidental Werewolf” Review By

Dakota Cassidy “The Accidental Werewolf”
Review By

5 Lips Out Of 5

Marty Andrews is determined to be the best damn Bobbi-Sue cosmetic sales girl that ever lived. Marty is so close to earning herself a brand new sky blue convertible because she has sold the most Bobbi-Sue cosmetics. Can you imagine Marty's long blond hair and lavender suit in her very own Bobbi-Sue convertible?!?! Hot, Hot Hot! Well, Marty can kiss that dream goodbye.

It all happened one faithful night on the way to a weekly Bobbi-Sue meeting. Marty has two new recruits who are in a good need of a serious pep talk since they both suck at selling Bobbi-Sue cosmetics. While giving her two new recruits a pep talk, Marty's white fluff ball of a dog, "Muffin" jumps right out of Marty's arms and bites onto a huge black dog. While trying to pry poor Muffin off the big dog, Marty ends up having her hand bitten by the big black dog. Yikes! Can you scream rabies. What Marty can scream, is that she is now infected with Werewolf blood and is going to be in a whole lot of trouble!

Poor Marty, she is now changing into a werewolf. She's sprouting a stubby tail, shaving her legs twice a day, and is now craving steak when she is a Vegan. Oh yeah, Marty also just found out that all of her Bobbi-Sue cosmetics accounts have been given to her arch enemy Linda. Good grief, can life get any worse for Marty? Oh, yes, can. Marty has just been kidnapped by God knows who, and has had a second attempt oh her life all because she was bitten by a werewolf. Making matters worse, her new werewolf family is giving her the evil eyes since she is half human. Well, there just might be some light at the end of the tunnel for Marty. The werewolf that bit her is the Alpha of his pack and is so good looking that Marty would love to sink her teeth into him, YUMMY! He is also owns the big cosmetics company Pack Cosmetics that is the competitor to Bobbi-Sue cosmetics. Hmmm..

Will Marty get her Bobbi-Sue accounts back? Will she get her blue sky convertible and learn live as a werewolf, or is she doomed to being a werewolf for life and lose everything that she's worked for?

Yummylious is what Dakota Cassidy's “Accidental Werewolf” is. This book is guaranteed to be a all nighter and will have you howling with laughter until the wee hours of the morning. The banter is awesome in this book along with the delightful characters, and solid plot line. This book is not one to be missed. Five Yummy Lips for “Accidental Werewolf”.


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