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Christine Feehan "Dark Peril" Review By

Christine Feehan "Dark Peril" Review By

5 Bats Out Of 5

Solange Sangria is the last of her jaguar kind, she is considered a pureblood. Solange is being hunted because she is a pureblood and that puts her in extreme danger. The jaguar killer who is out to get Solange because of her blood is none other than her father. Solange's father is the killer of jaguars, and feared among the jaguar community. When Solange was a little girl, she watched her father slaughter everyone in her village, even going so far as to take her mother and torture her for months. Solange is determined more than anything to kill her father and seek revenge for what he did to her village people, and mother. Solange is motivated to save as many jaguar women from succumbing to a torturous death at the hands of her father. Can she hunt down her father, kill him, and save the women jaguar that he's already captured? What will the fait of the women be? Will she avoid injury, or possible death in the pursuit of her father?

Dominic is a Dragonseeker and one of the most powerful Carpathian vampires alive. Dominic has been alone far too long, and for a Carpathian vampire, when they do not find their true lifemate they start to turn rogue and must end their lives before they turn evil. Dominic has been tasked with finding out what the rogue vampires are planning, and relay that information back to his leader. In order to do this, he ingests the blood of a vampire who's blood is full of parasites. Dominic knows that the parasite infested blood will eventually kill him, but will also alow him to go undercover, and not be detected by the rogues. He has not yet found his true lifemate, so taking this task will certainly end his life quicker. Will Dominic be able to hold out and discover what the rogue vampire plans are before the parasites kill him, or will he succumb to the darker side of evil?

Jaguar and Carpathian are two unlikely races to become lifemates and partners in taking down rogue vampires. Solange and Dominic are about to come together during the battle to kill the same enemy, realizing that they have something to live for after all. Will it be too late and will their chances of happiness run out when Solange realizes that her dream man is infected with parasitic vampire blood? Will Solange's chance at happiness be short lived, or will there be a chance of happiness after all? Find out what happens with this action packed book by Christine Feehan.

Christine Feechan writes an amazing heart warming novel of what it means to fight for true love, no matter what obstacles are in your way. You will be taken into the world of Solange and Domnic as they fight for each other's trust and love in this non-stop action romance. I can't wait to read another of Christine's books.

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