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Ashlyn Chase "Strange Neighbors" Review By

Ashlyn Chase "Strange Neighbors"
Review By

4 Lips Out Of 5

Marry Mackenzie has finally left the nest of her childhood home and has moved to the big city to be an independent women. She has also found the perfect quaint and cozy apartment. Marry has no idea that moving to the city would be such an eye opener, especially her neighbors. She knows that there is something mysterious about them, but she just can't put her finger on it. Marry also can't seem to get enough of her of landlord who is a very famous baseball player named Jason Falco. 

Marry and Jason have not stopped meeting up with each other since she moved into his building, her attraction to him is so powerful that she can't stop thinking of him. If she only new that she is Jason's mate and that he is a shapeshifter Pedigree Falcon. Marry is also about to learn that her real father, who gave her up for adoption when she is younger, lives in her apartment building too. Not only that, he is a vampire. My god is Marry about to be introduced to the world of the paranormal. Can she handle all of this big city excitement, or will she move back to her small town and give up Jason as well as her freedom? Find out more as you turn the pages of this drama filled book. 

Funny, Witty, and Charming would be “Strange Neighbors” by Ashlyn Chase. This book has it all from a crazy ghost who can not seem to move on, to witch cousins who run a phone sex business and physic hotline. Also included is a basement dwelling vampire who only comes out at night, and three shapeshifters, one of which is a crow, and a mortician. The other shapeshifter is a wolf, and the third is a pedigree falcon, the owner of the building, and a famous baseball player. Talk about drama, and that is exactly what this book delivers, I laughed my head off reading this book!

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