Friday, November 18, 2011

Raven Kelly's Book Review Of “Real Vampires Have More To Love” by Gerry Bartlett!

Raven Kelly's Book Review Of “Real Vampires Have More To Love” by Gerry Bartlett ( 5 Bats Out Of 5)

Once again Glory St. Clair can not seem to keep herself out of trouble, man trouble. You think being a vampire would keep trouble away from you, but that does not seem to be the case for poor Glory. After killing Brent Westwood, a tecno nut who is obsessed with vampires, Glory thought she was finally free of him. Not so, she now has his progeny hunting her to finish off where their father left off. If that is not a plate full, she now has her hunky ex-bodyguard Raphel Valdez making sexual advances on her. But wait, there's more, she also has her off and on again lover Jeremy Blade arriving for her best friend Flo's wedding. Least we not forget she also has her ex-finance Israel Caine coming to Austin to sing in a local festival. Glory has a major problems now. Does she try and stay faithful with her true lover Jeremy Blade, or does she decide to act on the sexual advances that her ex-bodyguard Valdez is making? Find out how Glory will handle her man trouble and try and stay alive from being hunted down from Westwoods kids.

Gerry Bartlett really knows how to combine humor and sex into the perfect novel. I love Gerry's writing style, she always makes me laugh. I also love her Character Glory St. Clair. An awesome job Gerry. I can not wait to find out what trouble Glory will get herself into in your next book.

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