Friday, November 4, 2011

Raven Kelly's Book Review Of “Bound By Night" by Amanda Ashley

Raven Kelly's Book Review Of “Bound By Night" by Amanda Ashley (5 Bats Out Of 5)

Elena Knightsbridge lives with her uncle who is the most disgusting man, a pervert who looks at her as nothing more than sex object. She thought things couldn't get any worse since her cousin ran away from home. That is, until, her uncle tries in force himself on her, and threatens to marry her. She knows that if she doesn't get away that she will be forced to marry him, and possibly be killed. She has never had the courage to run away until this point. She has no idea where she will go, but knows that if she does not get out now, she never will. She decides to run away to the castle on hill, but has no idea how the castle that she runs to will change her life forever. This castle will bring her into the world of vampires and so much love and joy.

Drake Sherrad has lived for over 500 years and does not know what it is to love someone. He has killed people and lived alone for over 500 years until he comes home one night from hunting to notice the most beautiful women laying on his couch. He will soon realize that this beautiful women will bring sunshine and joy into his world. Both Drake and Elena have suffered so much pain in their lives, and are about to experience even more when there love is put to the test. Will they manage to endure even more loss and heartache, or will they be together forever, even if being in love with a mortal is forbidden in the vampire race.

This is a wonderfully written love story of courage and compassion. I really enjoyed reading about Drake and Elena's back story and how they went through hell and back to be together no matter what. This book also has lots to twists and turns that kept me wanting to read more, until finally forcing myself to go to sleep. I can not wait to read about their daughter's story in the sequel to this book. Amazing job Amanda, I can see why you liked this story so much, I sure enjoyed it. Click Here To Read All Of Raven Kelly's Vampire Book Reviews!

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