Tuesday, August 9, 2011

VampireBooks.ca Book Review Of "By the Blue Moon"

VampireBooks.ca Book Review Of “By the Blue Moon" (3 Bats Out of 5)

Chastity Langford has no idea that she is a she-wolf princess. Her father who is the clan leader has partnered her up with Justin Mathews who she has no desire to work with. Justin is drop dead gorgeous and he keeps seducing Chastity. He also has orders from her father to marry and mate with her. Chastity has no idea that this gorgeous man is her mate, and will be marrying her on the next blue moon.

This is a good book, with lots of erotic sex in it. There is lots of humor written into it, and it is a great love story as well. A short and enjoyable read I think you will enjoy.

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