Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Lady Victoria Kelly's Book Review Of "The Seduction of His Wife"!

Lady Victoria Kelly's Book Review Of
"The Seduction of His Wife"!

(4 Hearts Out Of 5)

Emma Hallaway loves to paint beautiful women in erotic poses as her hobby. When she was younger, she sold a painting of herself, that she painted, to a man that she befriended. Now, he is about to show everyone her painting and reveal that she paints nude women because she refuses to be his mistress. How is Emma going to deal with the exposure of her painting? She knows that her family name will be tarnished for life. She also knows that her younger sisters will never have a chance to meet a man, as no man will ever want to be involved with a tarnished name. If this is not the worst of Emma's problems, her dirt bag husband Richard Mansfield, Earl of Asbury appears out of no where, after being gone for 12 years. He now wants to try and be a husband, and plans on seducing her back. Poor Emma, she has to worry about being embarrassed in front of her friends plus now guard her heart from her husband. How on earth is Emma going to try and keep her life together without being discovered for what she loves doing?

Tiffany Clare's book “The Seduction of His Wife” delivers up a cup of sensual romance along with some wonderful humor that will bring a smile to your face. Tiffany never seems lack in her writing skills and always keeps the reader drawn into her books. Great book, full of non stop excitement. Click Here To Read All Of My Book Reviews!

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