Thursday, December 23, 2010

My Book Review of “Gothic City Lights” by Brindle Chase

“Gothic City Lights” is a fantastic read, full of lots of action, and great characters that add to the excitement. I loved the plot line of this book, and couldn't turn the pages quick enough. The love that Gabrielle and Lilith share in this book is what every women wants, and Brindle delivers it well.

Gabrielle and Lilith are pared together to fulfill the mission of bringing down a underground demon group who is selling illegal drugs to children. Lilith must redeem herself to Mother Superior for having sex with a pastor, and ruining his marriage. Gabrielle must keep his virginity if he is to walk through the gates of haven as angel of god. How on earth is Lilith supposed to keep her hands off of Gabrielle, a hunky angel, and not take his virginity? Moreover, how on earth is Gabrielle supposed to resist the temptation of Lilith when she's always walking around nude in front of him? Jump into the pages of "Gothic City Lights" and find out! Click Here to Read More of my Book Review of "Gothic City Lights" here

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