Friday, December 31, 2010

Lady Victoria's Book Review of "Scoundrel In My Dreams"

Celeste Bradley writes a love story full of romance and passion. "Scoundrel In My Dreams" is a sizzling read, leaving you hot with excitement! I loved how Jack never gave up on his love for his daughter Melody and her mother Laurel. This aspect of the book warmed my heart, and brought tears of joy to my eyes. Jack planned on spending his life with the beautiful Amaryillis Clarke after returning home from war. When he arrives, he soon finds that the love of his life has given her heart to another man. Jack's reason for living is crushed and he desires to love no other women again. Jack's life is about to change without him even realizing it though, when Laurel, Amaryllis' younger sister decides to sneak into his room, and help Jack forget all about his pain. After making passionate love all night long, Jack moves on with his life forgetting about what happen four years ago. Until he receives a letter telling him to come home and deal with someone he had long forgotten. Read More Of Lady Victoria's Book Review of "Scoundrel In My Dreams"

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