Tuesday, May 18, 2010

My Book Review of Within the Shadows of Mortals" by Rae Lori

"Within the Shadows of Mortals" is the second book in Rae Lori's Ashen Twilight Series. Within the Shadows picks right up where her first book “Kiss of Ashen Twilight” leaves off. The Ashen House is moving west to California away from Arizona, after being exposed from their fight with the Elemental Demon. Meanwhile, Jace and Ariya finally wed each other back in Aryia's homeland of Azzia, however unaccepted he may be. The newly married couple caught up in their new union are unaware of what is happening back in the real world until Aryia, has a feeling that something bad is happening. How right she is, mortal hunters are capturing and killing their family and friends! Aryia and Jace are pushed to the limits in this sequel, and their lives will forever change. This book will leave you in eager anticipation for the next book in the “Ashen Twilight Series”, “Inheritance of Ashes.”

4.5 Fangs out of 5

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