Wednesday, May 5, 2010

My Book Review of Sommer Marsden "Base Nature"

Sommer Marsden- Base Nature
Meet Liv, a beautiful 30 year old women who has suffered pain and endured physical abuse from her soon to be ex-boyfriend. Meet Garrett a hunky werewolf who has left his pack due to no justice. He lost his true love and unborn daughter to murder from a drunken human, who killed the only women he ever loved.

Sommer Marsden delivers a “Passionate, Loving, Sorrow, Heroism, Eroticism, and Joyful” read that will leave you panting with excitement. Buckle up readers you are in for one heck of a sexual ride, and page turning experience.
4 Fangs out of 5

Raven Kelly- Webmistress of and Book Reviewer.

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