Sunday, August 26, 2012

Book Review Diva's Review Of "Sunrise with a Notorious Lord" by Alexandra Hawkins

4 Hearts Out of 5

Isabel Thorne is a plain and simple girl. She does not have the beautiful looks that her sister Delia has. Isabel knows that no man of prestigious will ever pay attention to her or ask for her hand in marriage. 

Ever since that encounter with Lord Vanewright, in the dress shop, Isabel Thorne can not seem to stop thinking about him. Isabel knows that she is in London for one purpose, and that is to work with Vane's mother to try and set her sister Delia up with Vane. To bad that Isabel will never be good enough for Vane. She knows Vane will not even give her a second glance. If only Isabel can put her feelings aside for Vane and focus on what is important.

Lord Vanewright is considered a "ladies man" by the women of London's upper society. Lord Vanewright has no plans to settle down and marry. That is until Lord Vanewright spots two beautiful sisters in a local dress shop, and is immediately awestruck by the beautiful Isabel Thorne. Vane has no idea that Isabel and his mother, Lady Netherly are going to try and set Vane up with Isabel's sister Delia. Unfortunately Vane has no desire to marry Delia and is not in the least interested in her. What Vane wants, is the beautiful Isabel Thorne. Will Vane figure out Isabel's plans, that she is working with his mother to fix him up with Delia? Can he ever get past Isabel's lies, and possibly convince her that he is love with her?

Readers of the "Lords of Vice" series will absolutely love this fourth installment, "Sunrise with a Notorious Lord." The seductive and passionate story of Vane and Isabel fighting through their denials, and discovering their true feelings for one another is hot, passionate, and exciting!

I really look forward to reading Alexandra Hawkin's fifth book from her Lords of Vice series, it has become one of my favorite series to read.

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