Thursday, October 20, 2011

Brand New Book Review From "The Protectors" by Elizabeth Loraine  Book Review Of  "The Protectors" by Elizabeth Loraine

5 Hearts Out Of 5

Book two of Elizabeth Loraine's “The Protectors” is outstanding. Right from page one the continuation of the five protectors takes you on their journey from Paris to Canada, and then to America where the five must protect all races from any harm coming to them. They also must kill a very powerful coven of vampires who are plotting to kill Katrina and her friends. New members will join the five protectors and aid them in the prophecy to protect all the races. Along the way Katrina and Damien will finally confess how much they truly are in love with one another. Katrina will lose her true love to sabotage, and now has even more pressure to try and save all the races from being killed. Danger is on the horizon and the five will have to travel back to to America. Will they be able to save everyone, and will Katrina's heart ever heal?

You will fall in love with Elizabeth Loraine's wonderful vampire series Called “The Royal Blood Chronicles.”. I know you will love this series as much as I do.  Reviewed By:

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