Thursday, April 7, 2011

My Book Review of “Cat The Vamp” by Christina Martine

My Book Review of “Cat The Vamp” by Christina Martine (4 Bats Out of 5)

Cathrine Taylor knew she was different from a young age. On Cathrine's 18th birthday her parents take her on a surprise trip. This trip will take Cathrine on a whirl wind journey into the world of becoming a vampire. Along the way, Cathrine will meet the love of her life and make life long friends. Cathrine will have to learn how to deal with her new found knowledge (that she is a vampire) and how to control her blood lust.

This book reminded me a lot of Harry Potter. I really enjoyed how Christina Martine wrote about Cathrine's journey to becoming a vampire. I also love how she included a Witch into the novel and talked about crystals and mediation. I recommend this book to all the readers who have sons and daughters. Great job Christina, I hope you write a sequel to this novel. Click Here to read more of my book reviews.

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